Monday, February 28, 2011

An Open Invitation to TS Vincent Tan ...

Dear TS Vincent Tan,
I read with interests one particular item in the news today, i.e the impromptu announcement by you, who is Forbes' 9th richest man on earth today out of the 40 listed by Forbes, with a net worth, according to the Sun (or as reported in the Sun) to be some US$ 1.6 billion (or approx. RM 4.88 billion) . The Sun reported today that, because of your extreme love for three things - to honor your beloved country Malaysia, to honor your beloved role model and friend, the former PM, Mahathir Mohamed, 'a man whom I have the greatest respect and admiration for.' (quoting the report as said by you), you are converting your family's foundation's, the 'Vincent Tan Chee Yioun Foundation' to 'Better Malaysia Foundation (BMF) Foundation. You also pledged that you would ultimately donate half of your wealth to charity. To begin with, it was reported that you  have personally set aside some RM 20.0 million this year alone.
Great... However
we would like to offer you a much better option and the best reward a man could have in life, which is for your permanent good in the afterlife, the Hereafter. This offer, if you accept, would nullify all your sins in life as a non-Muslim and reserve for you a place in Heaven, with certainty, mingling with those Apostles and Messengers the like of David, Solomon, Noah, Moses, and Jesus and, of course, Muhammad (s.a.w). This is Allah's offer. And, you still has the chance, if you are willing to take it, since you are still breathing ...
Your friends, definitely Mahathir Mohamed and others in high places are included, who are Muslims, have been unfair to you! They know, but they do not want to let you know! If they were true friends, they would have told the truth. Why? Because, they know what is the outcome of a non-Muslim upon his death. A non-Muslim infringes Allah's command in Verse 57, Surah az-Zariat: 'I (Allah) created jinn and man only to serve Me' (i.e. 'to serve Me' means: do what I command and refrain from what I forbid)'. Hence, Verse 13, Surah an-Nisa' says: 'Whoever obeys Allah and obeys the Messenger (i.e. Muhammad), will be admitted into heaven'. on the other hand, according to Verse 14, Surah an-Nisa' of the al-Quran: 'Whoever disobeys Allah and disobeys the Messenger (i.e. Muhammad), and transgress what I (Allah) have forbidden and set limits to, will be thrown into the hellfire.' And, in order to be admitted by Allah as among those who obey Allah and the Messenger, you have to be a Muslim. If you are not a Muslim, you fail because you are disqualified by Verse 57, Surah az-Zariat, because Allah says in Verse 19, Surah ali-Imran: 'The religion accepted by Allah is Islam'; i.e. the religion that is recognised by Allah meeting with His command in Verse 57, Surah az-Zariat is Islam. Other religion is not acceptable to Allah.
The al-Quran says that if you are not a Muslim, and died as non-Muslim, in the Hereafter, not only you will be tormented in the grave, but you will thrown into the Hellfire, without any pity nor reservation. Those who are Muslims will be judged according to what they have done or performed in their lifetime. He does good he will rewarded; he does bad, he will be punished. In the Hereafter, the goods and the bads will be weighed to determine where would be the final destination or resting place for a Muslim, either in Hell or in Heaven. But, for non-Muslims there is only one place, with absolute certainty, Hell. The point is: a Muslim has a 50-50 chance of entering Heaven, but a non-Muslim has 0 chance of entering Heaven! Take your pick.
In Verse 116, Surah ali-Imran, Allah says: 'Those who are unbelievers (i.e. non-Muslims), their wealth and their children mean nothing to Allah, they will be dwellers of Hell, therein is a permanent abode.' 
Hence, as the 9th richest man on earth, you are given by Allah a rare opportunity that no one gets, unless he/she takes up a similar opportunity offered to you. But, if you refuse the option or you do not accept the opportunity provided to you, when you die, you are but one of the millions of those non-Muslims who have died before you, and who will die following you, waiting to suffer in Hell. There is no place for you in the Hereafter and at the Day of Judgement, except Hell!. What a pity. 
When the Day of Judgement comes, your place is reserved in Hell, no matter how great you were during your lifetime and no matter how great were your children and no matter how much you have help mankind through your various charitable actions, all these mean nothing to Allah. All those only have meanings if you becomes a Muslim and die a Muslim. And, if you accept this invitation to be a Muslim, you have made the best choice for any living man. You have opted to save yourself and to ensure for yourself that you will be 10 times more loved by Allah, because the poorest inhabitant of Heaven has a richness that you do not have now! You would be given by Allah a richness at least 10 times the value of this world. Mind you. Although you are now Forbes' 9th richest man on earth, your richness is no match to the poorest in Heaven in the Hereafter! But, if you become a Muslim, with your richness only you to determine your abode the next world! 
When you become a Muslim all your past sins will be erased, and you will be provided with a Book of Records (or Kitab Catatan Amalan) in which all those good deeds during your lifetime as a non-Muslims will be converted into your good deeds as a Muslim. Hence, a double reward for you: first, your past sins are forgiven, and second, your past deeds are recognized by Allah as your good deeds as a Muslim! And all your charitable deeds from now on will be rewarded by Allah even more. Hence, the cumulative effect is a place in Heaven that is not reachable by many among those who were Muslims among the like of Mahathir himself! Your place in Heaven is reserved for you, because you have done so much for Malaysians and for mankind, especially in terms of charity. And, this is only accepted by Allah, if you are a Muslim. Charity in Islam is the greatest examples of proving one's gratefulness to Allah being given the opportunity to experience this worldly life as well as the best proof of subservience to Allah. Both these you, Vincent Tan, have aplenty.
We would like to remind non-Muslims Verse 18, Surah ar-Rad: 'Those who refuse to accept Allah's will, even if they have the richness the like of the Earth and double that, to be used by them to ransom themselves out of Hell, will not be accepted from them. Allah has made for them a permanent abode in the Hereafter in Hell.
Hence, the best option, and the permanent option, is to be a Muslim and then do your charity, you will be elevated to the place in Heaven reserved only for those of the Apostles and the Messengers the like of Abraham, Noah, David, Solomon, Joseph, Moses and Jesus and, of course, Muhammad (s.a.w). That is the best achievement for any man, especially for a man of your stature.

You have been reminded. Thank you,



  1. Askm, very well said & very well done brother. Congratulation!! The next task will be to have at least this message sent to him. Maybe we could use Mahathir Blog. Or is it possible that we can have his email adddress to send to? If we do not have maybe we can get from those who know and are closed to him. Whatever it is, this must reach him.

    Indeed you have done the 3 things that Allah SWT have assigned to us as:
    1. HAMBA - obey HIS commands & distance from what HE forbid, period no argument whatsoever.
    2. KHALIFAH - to be a leader to advise and guide ourself, our family and whoever we are in-charged of, may it be group, company, community, state or country etc.
    3. PEJUANG ( Jihad ) - to promote, to convey the message from Allah and to defend "kesucian & kebenaran " Islam not through war but showing & practising good behaviour as shown by our Prophet BPUH, for those who understand.

    Sending this message to a person of such standing and a non-Muslim, will be more rewarding if it succeed. He would become a good Muslim because he acquired true knowledge from Quran & hadith. Ironically, it would be sometime more difficult to convey this kind of message to those borned Muslim because they thought they already know everything about Islam but actually they lack knowledge and refuse to learn in depth from Quran & hadith when this message reach them.

    Syabas & keep it up and may Allah bless, guide and protect us all...ameen

  2. The World came to an end.

    A christian Protestant arrived at the gate of Heaven, St. Peter stopped him and told him to enter room 12 with specific instructions to remain very silent when he pass room 10.
    A Buddhist Monk arrived, a Hindu Priest arrived, they were told the same thing. When a Catholic priest arrived, he asked St Peter what was in room 10. St. Peter sad " oh, there is this group of Muslims having a fellowship, praying and worshipping, they believe that no one els except Muslims can go to Heaven. so keep quiet when you pass that room 10.

  3. RocketScience's note is interesting. Unfortunately, he is trying to be mischievous. But he's totally misleading himself and other Muslims. I hope he is a 'Muslim' since there is a cynical tone to his comment, may Allah forgive me for saying so. He should know by now that if he follows this blog, the message is clear: no non-Muslim shall be admitted to Heaven until a camel can pass thru the eye of a needle! [Verse 40: al-A'raf]. Further, a Muslim should know that whoever seeks religion other than Islam, he is a sure loser because Hell is his abode [Verse 75: Ali-Imran].If you are a Muslim and then become a non-Muslim or murtad by saying something stupid as in the comment, Allah will not accept your repentance (i.e. taubat), since you mock Allah (Verse 90: ali-Imran]. So be careful of what you say. If you are a Muslim and you are a munafiq (i.e. a pretious Muslim)(because you ridicule what is said in the al-Quran and as-Sunnah) you will be placed at the bottom of Hell (Verse 145: an-Nisa']. So be careful of making jokes about Islam or the al-Quran or the as-Sunnah. In Islam a Muslim must not ridicule what other Muslims say about Islam, when he is guided by the al-Quran and as-Sunnah; otherwise you are likened to a dog no matter what people say to you about the truth in Islam, you just project you tongue out (i.e. indifference) [Verse 176: al-A'raf], in fact worst than a dog since you have a brain and dog has no brain! [Verse 179: al-A'raf]
    I sure hope that the blog readers and the followers understand fully what you want to say, because ignorance in Islam is no excuse
    Jazakallahu khairah!

  4. Askm to all bloggers,

    Obviously, RocketScience will claim loud and clear that he/she has his/her right to freedom of speech, personal freedom and believe in universal values as defined by the west that has branded Islam as old fashioned belief and Muslims are backward & terrorists. He can be a Muslim ( I can be wrong too )because it is unlikely a non-Muslim would be interested to surf this blog in particular.

    Obviously, he/she has double zero knowledge about Quran & Hadith because even those who knows a little will not make such an issue ( calling for amal makrof )as a joke. He must be western "educated" to habour such clinical or educated joke to be understood or shared by the same kind.

    YES. He is absolutely correct. The world will come to an end. That's for sure as death to all living being. if he/she cares about it then he/she should be concerned or couldn't careless about it? RocketScience must then ask him/herself " will there be life after death in permenant world after". If NO, nobody is to be blamed but him/herself. If YES, what kind of world would he expect?

    In conclusion, I would say that Allah provide him/her ears that would never hear knowledge of guidance, the eyes that are blind to the truth and heart that harden like a rock ... to this kind of people. And they have brain that only can focus in logic e.g believing that he is originated from the ape. What can we expect from such people he/she represent?

    All outcomes are revealed in Quran & Hadith for those who care to study.

    To RocketScience, please do not say later when you are about to release your last breathe that you have not been fore-warned. By then it will be too late when you will shown the door to hell. I can only say no other word to you but such a great PITY.

  5. Dear readers, I'm inclined to add another dimension to what is written. I am happy to note that RocketScience is apparently a non-Muslim. I am thankful to him, as there are not many non-Muslim reading what is written about Islam, and especially the al-Quran and the as-Sunnah. On that, I would address the same invitation to him. He is a smart man. I consider those who had a Ph D or who had a 'Dr' in front of his name as a knowledgeable person. He may not be smart, since smartness is a different matter altogether. If RocketScience accept my invitation he is avery lucky person indeed, the same as Dr Ridhuan Tee or Husseian Yee or Farid Ravi, he will, ultimately, be admitted into Heaven. That is an achievement unsurpassed! He is luckier than me because his sins before being a Muslim are all forgiven and his good deeds before embracing Islam count towards his assets in the Hereafter. I was born a Muslim and became a real practitioner only after a lapse of time!
    Congratulation to RocketScience. You are welcome to follow this blog (hoping that you understand Malay language). Hoping that we can be brothers in Islam.