Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Worldly Success for Vincent Tan

yesterday 24 Feb. 2014, in the The Sun - Vincent Tan's free paper, it was the celebration of the year for Vincent Tan and his Berjaya Group of Companies when a dragon cake was held high by him to demonstrate his happiness on his birthday and the 4th Berjaya Founders Day at Berjaya Times Square. Vincent Tan was very lucky and fortunate in life. He became household name as a very successful businessman during Mahathir's primiership and was, and, I believe, still is a close friend of Mahathir. Recently, the Sultan of Johor, appears closer to Vincent Tan when the former bought shares in his stable of companies, including a stake in Berjaya Times Square, and the recent most being a substantial stake in MOL. Vincent prides himself for being named as one of the most philanthropic man in Malaysia, besides being amongst the company of the richest in Malaysia. He is a known philanthropist unlike many of his billionaire peers, who are less known and publicised.
According to The Sun, this time around the Better Malaysia Foundation, which is Vincent Tan's vehicle to donate moneys for charity and charitable organizations, is giving some RM 25.6 million to 90 NGOs. In addition, according to his son, Robin Tan, who took over the reigns of power over all of his father's companies, his father and Berjaya collectively contributed  some RM 64.0 million so far for donations. We praise him and his son and Berjaya.
But, the moneys actually donated by Vincent Tan and Berjaya actually do not belong to him, but belong to the people of Malaysia, since it is against the tax reliefs which otherwise he and his companies have to pay to the Inland Revenue as corporate taxes! Hence, these donations are nothing but a means to benefit from tax exemptions. It would be commendable if Vincent Tan, Robin Tan and Berjaya were to donate his or his companies' moneys instead - meaning to say that over and above the tax exemption that they obtained from the government under Clause 24 of the Company's Act, they forked out whatever moneys they wanted donated.Then that is real donations from him and his businesses. That would be true spirit of donation. However, how many such philanthropists would do that? I guess none!
Bros, what I want to relate here is not so much Vincent Tan's philanthropic spirit, which is well as good. But, within the context of the message we want to inform readers - Muslims and non-Muslims alike - in this blog is only one. Allah (a.w) is mankind only God. Muhammad (s.a.w) is Allah's Messenger to mankind from the beginning of time - the time of the creation of Adam until the End of Days. Allah's fundamental command that: 'And, I (Allah) creates jinn and man with no other purpose than to serve Me' - Verse 56: az-Zariat. To serve Allah (a.w) means to obey Him - Verse: 13, an-Nisa': Whoever obeys Allah (a.w) (i.e. follow and abide by the al-Quran) and whoever obeys Rasulallah (s.a.w) (i.e. follow and abide by the Prophet's as-Sunnah) shall enter Paradise. And, whoever refuses, then Allah (a.w) says: 'Whoever disobeys/refuse Allah's command (i.e. rejects the al-Quran) adn disobeys/refuse to abide by Rasulallah's as-Sunnah) and whoever flout the limits od actions stipulated in the al-Quran and as-Sunnah, shall enter the Hellfire - Verse 14: an-Nisa'. And, Allah commands that: whatever Muhammad brought forth as guidance must be adopted and accepted, and whatever he forbids, one must shy away from it - Verse 7: al-Haysr
Allah command's that He establishes Islam as the religion to satisfy compliance of the command - Verse 56: az-Zariat - above. Allah said in the al-Quran that if you are not a Muslim, whatever good deeds you do in this lifetime benefits you only in your lifetime, and nothing is waiting for you in the Hereafter. You are rewarded in this world. But, in the next life there is nothing for you. But, if you are a Muslim, whatever good deeds you perform in this life will be rewarded in this lifetime (in the forms of name, praise, position, company you are in, status in life, title accorded to you, happiness, respect etc etc) as well as in the after life. The reward of the after life is Paradise. If you are not a Muslim, Allah says that your wealth and your children - however rich and however good and however generous your are - means nothing to Allah, and your end in the Hereafter is Hell or Hellfire. We have seen what Allah said in Verse 7: as-Syura: there are only two destinations for man when he dies - one is Paradise and the other is Hell or Hellfire. And, the Hell or Hellfire is reserved for those who refuse to be Muslim, refuse to accept Muhammad as Allah's Messenger and refuse to accept the al-Quran as Allah's Book of Guidance and refuse to accept Islam as the religion of Allah (a.w) mandated for man. Allah says that no matter how rich and wealthy one is - owning richness equivalent to, say, the value of all things in the earth and multiply such wealth many times over, it is useful only in one's lifetime, but in the Hereafter, he cannot trade it for a place in Paradise! And, nothing can save him from Hell if he is not a Muslim in his lifetime.
Hence, the message is clear to people like Vincent Tan and others. They fail to prepare themselves, when they have many chances, to 'buy' a place for the good life after death. If a person such as Vincent Tan were a Muslim, he is given by Allah (a.w) an easy passage to the best of abode in Paradise because he has the means and the mentality to share his wealth with the less fortunate among man in his lifetime. In  Islam philanthropists can reserve for himself a place of his choice in the Paradise.
But, as always it all boils to one gift and one word 'Hidayah'. Allah (a.w) provides the ultimate guidance to success in this life and success in the Hereafter. But, man have to choose. Allah (a.w) has the right to accord whoever He wants to receive His Guidance (= Hidayah). But, a man can search for that guidance, strive by learning and understanding Allah (a.w) and His command. If Allah (a.w) bestow His Guidance, we are very fortunate. Lets hope that before his life end a person the like of Vincent Tan will realize and answers Allah's command, and be successful in the Hereafter, Amin.
Bros in Islam, let's note that. Being Muslims do not automatically admits oneself to Paradise. There are two pre-conditions to be satisfied if one wants to be a true and successful Muslim: namely, one needs to accept and adopt and be guided by the as-Sunnah (Verse 13: an-Nisa' and Verse 7: al-Haysr); and secondly, one must be in a formal congregation ( Verse 103 ali-Imran). A Muslim can achieve the status of dweller of the Paradise if he satisfies the condition laid out in the al-Quran, particularly Verse 13: an-Nisa'. The relevant conditions are mentioned in this blog and highlighted in all postings. A Muslim who does not perform his mandatory prayer, for example, will never be admitted into Paradise. This is one example of a Muslim's failure in this life to prepare for his afterlife. The second failure is a Muslim who refuse to follow the command of Verse 103: ali-Imran - that he must in the formal congregation (Jema'ah) - will not be admitted into Paradise, because all his good deeds are not accepted and rewarded by Allah (a.w), he has nothing for the Hereafter. The third failure is the prevalence of bid'ah in one's practices in performing what Allah (a.w) and Rasulallah (s.a.w) comanded one do in one's obligations, such as in prayers, in performing the fasting, the Haj and Umrah, in paying the zakat and in infaq (= donation) for Islam, etc ( i.e. ibadah and amalan). In this posting we are commenting not just the lost opportunity for people the like of Vincent Tan to reserve for themselves a place in Paradise, when he/they have the chances in life, because the rich opens for them any doors to Paradise, if and only if ... Similarly, we remind the Muslims who are rich and wealthy, they will not enter the Paradise unless they infaq substantial portion of their wealth fi sabilillah (i.e. for Allah's cause) - promote and contribute towards Islamic cause and help needy Muslims, assist in spreading Islamic knowledge to make people understand Islam, and become Muslim, etc etc.

Jazakallahu khairah

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Kalimah 'Allah': What 'Allah' means

Brothers, let us continue a little more on the above subject matter. The Christians in East Malaysia - Sabah and Sarawak - insisted that they have been importing the 'al-Kitab' since time immemorial, from their Christian Bros in Indonesia.They have using this version of the bible for generations, without any restrictive hurdles placed in their freedom to practice and preach Christianity in Sabah and Sarawak. Further they argued that, the 'al-Kitab' has been using the word 'Allah' to refer to Christian gods - The Father or Mary and Jesus or the Holy Son or the virgin Mary. Indonesian Christians and now readers of the al-Kitab in Malaysia, would like to follow their brethren, to refer to Father God in the Bible as 'Allah'. It was a mistaken translation at best. The word 'Allah' was never in the The Bible whatever is its translated version. And, The Bible is not Injil, Allah's book of guidance given to Isa (a.s). Brothers in Islam, some 'modern' Malays or some educated and liberal Malays, who are better-off socioeconomically than their less exposed to Western Culture and education brothers, or because they were educated outside of Malaysia, believe that 'Allah' is the Super-God, above other gods created or believed by or revered to by other communities and religions in Malaysia and elsewhere. Ultimately they say 'Allah' is the Almighty Single God. Whilst this argument appears logical, and such reference does degrade the position of 'Allah' as the Supreme God! But unfortunately, such believe and interpretation of the word 'Allah', is faulty to the core when one looks at Islam's view of Allah (a.w). By interpreting such an argument from logical point of view, the connotations and their implications of such connotations are totally unacceptable by Islamic standards of aqidah and syariat.
Brothers, we have mentioned in this blog that Islam is the religion of Allah (a.w). It is Allah (a.w), Who created Islam as the religion and platform for man (and jinn) to submit themselves to (worship and obey) their Creator, Allah (a.w) - Verse 19: ali-Imran and Verse 3: al-Maidah. Allah (a.w) creates all things in the Heaven and Earth, and to Him all things - living or otherwise - belonged to and must serve Him. Man are servants to Allah (a.w), the Master. This is the message of Verse 56: az-Zariat: 'And, I (Allah) creates not jinn and man except to serve Me.' 'Serve' is akin to the relationship between a servant and his master - total loyalty and obedience - to do what is asked/ordered/commanded to be done/undertaken, and refrain from doing what is prohibited or disallowed. The servant must obey the master's will, wishes and expectation in all matters without fail at all time. The master has complete control over his servants for as long as he is 'owned by' the master. He is to serve his master for as long as he is under bondage of the master. He is free only when he dies. That is the servant-master-relationship. But, servitude in Islam is permanent. He is not free from godly servitude, when he dies. He is accountable to Allah (a.w) for every word he uttered and every action he took in his lifetime. He answers for it in his life and especially so in his after life. The moment he is buried he lives in a different dimension - his soul and his body are answerable to whatever he did or did not do in life. In Islam life is a journey towards man's ultimate destination, namely the Hereafter, which begins with life in the 'alam barzah' (in the graves), at the Day of Judgement (Padang Mahsyar), and later the life in the Hereafter, post-judgement day, which has no terminal date - it is forever! In the grave (alam barzah = life in the grave), all sins will be subject to punishment. There the dead is visited by two Angels - Mungkar and Nakir - who will ask him questions about Allah (a.w), Muhammad (s.a.w) and Islam, what he had done when he enjoys his worldly life. He will be shown glimp of Paradise and Hell. If he fails in answering the two Angels' questions, they will punish him or punishment will be meted against him. Both Angels will visit him everyday, until kiamat. If he passes the two Angels' questions, they will visit him daily to tell him what to expect in Paradise. He is resting in comfort until then. During Judgement Day, he will pass the final test, and will be escorted to enter Paradise by Angels.

When Doomsday/Day of Judgement (kiamat) occurs, man will be resurrected to face Allah (a.w) to be given his Book of Deeds (Kitab Catatan Amalan), which contains every word he uttered and every action he performed in life. The Book of Deeds contains all utterances and actions - the positive deeds (good words and actions) and the negative (bad words and actions) during his lifetime, from the time he attained puberty until he died or became senile. All words uttered by him and all actions undertaken by him during his lifetime were recorded by two Angels - Rakib (the one who is near) and Atid (the one who is ever present) or Kiraman (the one who is of excellent character) and Katibin (the one who always write/record) - in his Book of Deeds (Kitab Catatan Amalan). The Book will be evaluated to determine whether he is to be rewarded Hell (i.e. dwellers of Hell or the Fire) if his bads > his goods, or be rewarded with Heaven or Paradise (i.e. become dwellers of Paradise) if his goods > his bads.
In Islam a person remains a servant in life and in death. He is, nevertheless, being rewarded in life with rizq (sustenance) in various forms. His real rewards come in the Paradise. Whatever he does in life will determine where he will end-up in the Hereafter. Allah (a.w) and His Messenger (Muhammad) told every man - all generations and all ethnic/racial origins - what will happen to him in the Hereafter, and he is free to make a choice and determines his position in the Hereafter i his life. In Islam nothing is a secret. The questions were given, and the answers are provided too. One is free to chose and determine one's future (i.e. after life). Man is given two choices for final destination (i.e. life in the Hereafter), either Paradise/Heaven or Hell/Hellfire in the hereafter - Verse 7: as-Syura. But, man is told in his lifetime what deeds - words uttered and actions undertaken - that lead to either destination. Man is given the chance to voluntarily choose. Man is told of the consequences of his deeds. Hence, nothing is hidden from him. He knows what and how and all consequences of his action in life. He decides his future. It is he who determines his fate in afterlife ... To help him decides, Allah sends his Prophet to teach and lead and the al-Quran as the Guide. So, whoever decides in his life to ignore Muhammad's advice and the al-Quran and refuses Islam, he sealed his fate and opt for Hell!
If his good deeds in life when weighted in Allah's Mizan (Balance) is heavier than his bad deeds, he enjoys a life of peace and slumber in his grave (alam barzah). And when the Day of Judgement comes, he will pass the Mizan's Test. When resurrected a happy man in the Hereafter. His place is the Heaven/Paradise. In paradise, the Muslims are told of the various forms of bliss and pleasures in Paradise - in terms of sustenance, enjoyment and rewards awaiting him in Paradises - for meeting Allah's standards of conduct as an obedient servant - Verse 13: al-Isra'. The dwellers of Paradise satisfy Allah (a.w) standard of obedience and good standing in their worldly live. There are 100 levels/classes of Paradise, the lowest being those meant for Muslims who were lucky enough to pass the Mizan's test. The highest level of Paradise is the Firdaus, where its dwellers comprise all messengers and apostles of Allah (a.w), those who died in holy wars (martyrs), the obedient servants of Allah in life, the generous (who spent parts of his wealth for the good of Islam), those who prays during the wee hours of the night, great givers and helpers of the destitute, the under-privilege, etc. Those who fail the Mizan's test - Verse 14: al-Isra', are dwellers of Hell and burned in Hell forever. There is no food and drink in Hell except the thorny fruits (zakum) and boiling liquid made from pus, decaying and melted flesh and bones, deteriorating blood, etc. In contrast, the dwellers of Paradise has all kind of food and drink, including food and drink that were never dreamed or thought of by man in their lifetime. Allah (a.w) will inform the dwellers of Paradise new kinds of food and drinks, to add to their pleasure in Heaven! Hence, the Prophet (in one hadith narrated by Imam at-Termidzi) says that the 'dunia' (current worldly life) is the prison to Muslim (i.e. the believers) and the Paradise for non-Muslims (i.e. non-Believers), but the 'akhirat' (the Hereafter) that matters. Because as a Muslim, you do what is being asked of you in this worldly life, and refrain from doing what is prohibited by Allah (a.w) and His Prophet. Hence, this worldly life is akin to being in prison - you are not 100% free! But, to the non-Muslims (i.e. non-Believers) nothing restrain them from doing anything that he likes in this world, no prohibition. Even if prohibited by his religion, it is still meaningless, as Allah (a.w) does not recognize any religion except Islam in order to be rewarded with Paradise!. Hence, to non-Believers, this 'worldly life' is their Paradise! But, in the Hereafter, they have only one choice, that is Hell/Hellfire. That will be their permanent prison!

As a Muslim, he stands a chance to enter Paradise, even though he may be great sinners in life, but at some late time after he is washed and cleansed of his sins in Hell, he is eligible to enter the Paradise. Because he accepted Islam and believe in Allah (a.w) and His Prophet, he will be rewarded the lowest place in Paradise one day. To a Muslim, you are not free to do and say anything you like. All will be accounted for. When he dies, he is free from worldly services to Allah (a.w), but, he is subject to punishment or rewards in his grave depending on whether he fulfills Allah's command in his lifetime or he fails to perform and comply in his lifetimes.
Aside from the fact that Allah (a.w) is man's only God, Who merit to be obeyed, the second fundamental point for mankind to understand is that Islam is Allah's religion. - Verse 19: ali-Imran and Verse 3: al-Maidah. Allah (a.w) does not accept man's submission to be His obedient servant, in meeting His command on Verse 56: az-Zariat - if he professed a religion other than Islam! Hence, Allah (a.w) says: 'Whoever follows (i.e. accept as his religion) other than Islam, Allah (a.w) will not ever accept any of his good deeds in life, and in the Hereafter he will be a sure loser (i.e. become dwellers of Hell/Hellfire) - Verse 75: ali-Imran.
The third fundamental point for
mankind to understand fully is that Muhammad (s.a.w) is Allah's messenger to forewarn mankind that if they obey Allah's command in the al-Quran and obeys His Messenger's command in the as-Sunnah or the al-Hadith, in the Hereafter they will be dwellers of Heaven/Paradise for certain. Hence Allah's promise in Verse 13: an-Nisa'. But, one cannot declare oneself as obedient servants of Allah (a.w), if one does not accept Allah (a.w) as the one and only God and Muhammad (s.a.w) as Allah's messenger. It should be noted that a fundamental element of the obedience under Verse 13: an-Nisa' is Allah's command in Verse 7: al-Haysr, which says that: 'Whatever is brought forth to you by the Messenger take it, whatever the messenger forbids you from doing, leave it' - Hadith ad-Darami This command mandated that the Muslims must obey the Messenger without fail. In fact Allah (a.w) declares that whoever obeys the Messenger, he practically has obeyed Allah (a.w)'s command or whoever is obedient to the Messenger, he is deem to be obedient to Allah (a.w) - Verse 80: an-Nisa'. Hence, in order to be eligible to be dwellers of Paradise/Heaven, one must satisfy the following conditions: first, one must accept Allah (a.w) as one's only God and that Muhammad (s.a.w) is Allah's messenger; second, one must accept that Islam is Allah (a.w)'s religion or the religion designed by Allah (a.w) for mankind - now and forever - until the Holocaust/Doomsday/Day of Judgement; third, the al-Quran is Allah's Book of Guidance for mankind - Muslims or otherwise, and as Muslims, they have to obey Allah and the Messenger by mastering the teachings of the al-Quran and the as-Sunnah; and fourth, consequentially, Muslims must adopt the as-Sunnah, which detailed out the commands of the Allah (a.w) in the al-Quran. Hence Muslims cannot ignore the as-Sunnah or al-Hadith. Meaning, both the al-Quran and the as-Sunnah or al-Hadith are the twin guidance in Islam for mankind - the Book of Guidance to successfully follow the 'Straight Path' (Siratul Mustaqim) to Heaven/Paradise. Those who refuse anyone or all of these preconditions cannot expect to be rewarded the Heaven/Paradise., instead will be dwellers of Hell for certain, wal iya zubillah.
Therefore, the Christians - or for that matter, any body who follows a religion other than Islam, cannot be allowed or permitted to use or import the word 'Allah' to be the name for his/her god, let alone use the word 'Allah' to refer to Christians god, since the Christians believes in the Trinity of God or that Jesus is Son of God, just like the Jews who say that Uzir is god's son, or other religions which declared that the angles are god's sons and daughters etc etc! After all Allah (a.w) declared that whoever adopt a religion of other than Islam, He will not accept whatever good deeds he/she has done in life. It is of no use to his/her, since when the End of Days come, he/she wil be ushered to Hell by the angels ...

Jazakallahu khairah.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Kalimah 'Allah': What modern Malays say ...

Brothers, this blogger has to again talk about this controversial subject. In reality, if those people understand Islam - the non-Muslims and the atheists alike as well as the Muslims - there is no controversy! But, in Malaysia to-day because of the weakness of the ruling Barisan Nasional, which control the government, and absence of the MCA or Chinese representation in the government, the weaknesses of UMNO leaderships in particular and the Malays in general, provides fertile grounds for non-Malays to demand more than what they have got since 1955 - the day the British gave Peninsular Malaysia the 'yes' to Independence. Independence was got thru compromises among leaders of the Malays, the Chinese and the Indians - on the premise that Malaysia now, and Malaya then, will not survive independence if the Malays rules Malaysia alone, or the British will not accord Malaya, then independence, and the amalgamation of Sabah and Sarawak to form Malaysia then. Tunku Abdul Rahman was a son of the Sultan of Kedah then. But, he will not accent Kedah's throne and become the Sultan of Kedah, because he was not in line for the throne. Being the Prime Minister was a much better option for him, then, he could be above what he missed and become more powerful than a mere monarch. That was the reality of underlying scenario conditioning events leading to Malaysia's craving for Independence without spilling of anyone's blood. The Malays were proud, and thought that they were smarter than their brethren in Indonesia who had to fight for Independence under Sukarno and the Philippines under Jose Rizal. But the price is compromises.
When national elections were held, again there is the compromise between the Malaysia (represented by UMNO), the Chines (represented by MCA), the Indians (represented by MIC) and the various ethnic-based parties in Sarawak and Sabah after 1963. The Chinese and the Indians were never happy with Malaya or Malaysia, because to them they are second-class citizens, as the Malays have more privileges than them, eg. public service employment quota biased for the Malays.  The Chinese and the Indians considered themselves second-class citizens when they were forced to accept Islam as the 'official' religion of Malaysia. And, because of government support for Islam as the official national religion, makes it worst. They considered themselves second-class citizens when Malay language is made the 'official' language of Malaysia, and their ethnic languages are not given support. Hence, the lack of support by many Chinese and Indians on mastering Malay as the language, the preference of Chinese and Indians for English, and the preference of employers (who are mostly Chinese or Indians) in the private sector to prefer candidates with competency in English as their employees, and promoting these on the argument that global business in conducted in English - the need for mastery of English as the language of commerce, banking, and finance in global business etc, and the move by Chinese and Indian NGOs demanding more Chinese and Indian so-called national-type schools - teaching in their vernacular languages.
Now, that is what is in the minds of the Chinese and the Indians. Now come the Bumiputera ethnic groups in Sabah and Sarawak, where the Malays are the minority. In fact in Sarawak, the privileged Bumiputera group is the Melanaus, the CM of Sarawak is from this ethnic grouping. The Melanaus never consider themselves as Malays. Hence, UMNO is not accepted in the state.
That is the political and ethnic socio-cultural and political scenario. When Sabah and Sarawak were brought in with Malaya to form Malaysia, the situation with regard to religion and language become more critical, as the different Bumiputera ethnic groups in Sabah and Sarawak demanded more socio-cultural and political privileges to be safeguarded in Malaysia. This includes the importation of the Malay version of the Bible into Sabah and Sarawak and permission to the Kadazan-Dusun's ethnic group to print their version of the Bible in the their language. While it is understandable that they should be given freedom to practice their culture and customs as well as religion, but the mistake was made that, they were allowed to import the Indonesian-language version of the Bible - the al-Kitab - which uses the word 'Allah' to refer to their god. admitted into Malaysia. Hence, the Malaysian Christian demand that they not only they be allowed without restriction to import al-Kitab, the wanted to use without restriction the word 'Allah' in their daily teachings and sermonts and any publicationas, and such ublications should not restricted from circulation! That is the crux of the whole issue and controversies surrounding the word 'Allah'.
Brothers, the government made so many mistakes in dealing with this issue and controversies. Firstly, when the al-Kitab - the Indonesian version 0f the Bible - was allowed to be brought in into Sabah and Sarawak, the government did not thoroughly check on the fact that Indonesian Christians' translation of the words 'Lord', 'The Holy Ghost' etc, in the al-Kitab should not be 'Allah'. because 'Allah' connotes one and only meaning and reference as the Muslims' God 'Allah'. He has neither a wife, nor relatives nor son or daughters, etc.
Readers of this blog have been enlightened that 'Allah' refers to the one and only God that mankind must accept. This is because Allah himself said so in his Book - The al-Quran (Verse 56: az-Zariat). No one has the right to smear His name by labeling, for example, Christians' gods as 'Allah', when Christian gods is three-in-one or Three - the Trinity of God in Christianity. In fact, anybody who understood the al-Quran, he/she knows that Allah (a.w) is man's only god from the time of the first human being, Adam (a.s), until the day of Judgement or Resurrection. Only that, man over series of civilization refused to acknowledge this despite the teachings and the reminder by Allah's apostles such as Nuh (a.s) (Noah), Hud, Musa (Moses), Ibrahim (a.s) (Abraham), Yaakub (a.s) (Jacob), Ismail (a.s), Isa (a.s) (Jesus) and Muhammad (s.a.w). Human failure is to accept the fact that Allah (a.w) is the one and only God of man, since their fore fathers. But, they have to accept the fact that He is the one and only God - solo, not three nor many, or taken as the Overall God of the many, as believed by the Chinese and Hindus. That is not true. Accordingly, no other 'gods' could be referred to as 'Allah', except Him.
Secondly, it should be understood that since the time of the expulsion of Adam (a.s) and his wife together with Satan into the world because of Adam's and Eve's transgression in Heaven, Allah (a.w) will send/appoint selected man as Messengers (Apostles) to remind them (i.e. the society that he is burned) that in the Hereafter two destinations were reserved for men and jinn, either they enter Paradise, where they enjoy life of unlimited abundance without restrictions, with rivers of fresh-water, liquor, milk and honey (the four rivers in Heaven/Paradise) for their pleasures, etc, or they enter Hell (where they will be burned in the fire, with no food to eat and water to drink, and a constant suffering, without ending), depending on what they choose in their worldly life. If man opts for Islam, he/she stands a chance to enter paradise, if he/she follow the prescription of the al-Quran and as-Sunnah , particularly Verse 13: an-Nisa': Whoever obeys Allah (a.w) (i.e. follow the teachings of the al-Quran) and obey Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) (i.e. follow the prescriptions of the Prophet, i.e. as-Sunnah), will be guaranteed Paradise. This ruling applies both to Muslims as well as non-Muslims. Therefore, mankind has no option but t accept Muhammad (s.a.w) as the last Messenger of Allah (a.w). The Jews refused and the Christians refused because they considered an Arab is not at par ethnically to the caucasian! This is the mistake of those who think that superiority of race determines their position in the Hereafter!
Thirdly, Allah (a.w) when sending His Prophets will provide them with documentary support and guidance to teach their societies. Hence, Daud (a.s) (David) was given the Zabur as documentary guide. Musa (a.s) (Moses) and Harun (a.s) (Aron) were given The Taurat (Torah) to guide the Israiltes in their worldly life and religion. Then, the religion of Moses was superceded by the the teachings brought by Isa (a.s) (Jesus) hen Isa (a.s) was given The Injil (The Testaments). But, unfortunately, the Israilites, Isa's society, refurs to accept him because he was born without a father. That was the mistake of Isa's followers, the Christians of today, elevating Isa (a.s) to be son of God, and Mariam, Isa's mother, as the other God! Now, mankind refuse to accept Muhammad (s.a.w) as Allah's Messenger, they refuse to accept the al-Quran as Allah's Book of Guidance not unlike The Taurat and The Injil given to Musa (a.s) and Isa (a.s) respectively. Only that the Allah's religion evolves over time to suit human civilization and worldly needs. With Muhammad (s.a.w) and the al-Quran, Allah (a.w) has perfected the religion for mankind and hence completes His commands to mankind, and these commands remain unchanged until the end of the world comes (Holocaust). Therefore, it should be understood that the al-Quran is Allah's Book of Guidance for mankind, no matter their ethnic origins they belong to and during what time they live etc.
Fourthly, it should be understood that whoever refuses to accept the oneness of Allah (a.w), that Islam is the religion that Allah (a.w) command mankind to accept, that Muhamamd (s.a.w) should be recognized as the Last Messenger/Apostle of Allah (a.w) and that the al-Quran is Allah's Book of Guidance for mankind at all time, and that there is no dichotomy between what is the prescription of worldly and what is the prescription for the Hereafter. Or, that there is no such thing a dividing line between 'secularism' and 'religion', then the disbelievers are not entitled to use 'Allah' to refer to their god or gods. This applies to Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Islam is a way of life prescribed by Allah (a.w) to mankind since the time od Adam (a.s), the first human being, until the occurrence of Doomsday - there is no dividing line between what is worldly and what is religious. Whatever one does and say in life has implications and ramifications to one's situation and destiny in the Hereafter, because life is meant to be a journey, and the final destination is always the Hereafter. Whatever one does in life determines one's destiny in the Hereafter. If a man/woman follows the commands of Verse 13: an-Nisa', one is guarantee Heaven or Paradise. But, if a man/woman refuse, then in according with Allah's prescription in Verse 14: an-Nisa', one is guaranteed life in Hell or Hellfire!
And, be mindful that, accepting Verse 13: an-Nisa' means accepting Muhammad (s.a.w) as Allah's Messenger and accepting the al-Quran as Allah's Book of Guidance for mankind, and doing what Allah (a.w) and His Prophet command and defending the purity of Islam and the good name of Allah (a.w), especially refraining from agreeing to the use of 'Allah' to be used by the Christians or any groups to refer to their god or gods.
Brother, unfortunately today many Muslims were themselves confused and misdirected themselves in their understanding of Islam such that they are very willing to compromise Allah (a.w) believing erroneously that Islam is open, and Allah (a.w) is God for all. You can read what Azrul Mohd Khalib wrote in The Malay Mail entitled 'Keep the faith, brothers and sisters' on 18 January 2014 and what Halimah Mohd Said said in 'Peace in the name of God', the article she wrote in The Sun today (3 February 2014). Both of them are representative of 'modern' but confused and ignorant Malays! They are modern because they interpret Islam without knowledge of the al-Quran and as-Sunnah. He gave views as if he knows what Islam is all about or he tries to justify the Christians' demands within what little knowledge he had of Islam. Many among the Malays are trying to justify the need to allow Chritians to use the word 'Allah' to refer to their god - namely 'Father', 'The Lord', 'God Almighty' and whatever! 
Agreed, Islam is open to all but Islamic aqidah and syariat are not subject to man's or human fancy. To be a true Muslim one has to accept all that is said and prescribed in the al-Quran and the as-Sunnah. 'Allah' is a name open for reference only to hose who accept Islam. It was unfortunate that  Indonesian Christians have imported the word 'Allah' to refer to the God in the al-Kitab. But, that does not provide a license to anyone to make use of a mistake made by those outside Malaysia. Errors are not means to justify ends. It does not matter whether the al-Kitab has been used by Christian in the Nusantara for 2 or more decades! Wrongs can never be rights. They argue for conciliation and compromises, but Allah (a.w) commands that Islam must stand above all other religions, because Islam is Allah's religion, which He prescribed for Muslims. Islam cannot be equated to or laid side by side to other man-made religion. To agree to these inter-religious or inter-faith forum or dialogue or whatever platform for consultations and discussions, is tantamount to admitting that Islam and other religions are similar, religions are all good. Ultimately, agreeing to allow non-Muslims to call their many gods as 'Allah'! But, Islam is more than just good. Islam is the ticket to Paradise. Agreeing to relegate the position of Islam to be at par with other religions is to reject one dimension of the prescription of the al-Quran. Those who do so automatically expelled from the faith, wal iya zubillah.
Brothers, both Azrul and Halimah should seek Allah's forgiveness for being foolish enough to relegate Islam to be so in their writing. Halimah should be reminded that she sins daily and every second of the day because she allows her photo which reveals her aurat to be published in the Sun every time she writes! Women who reveals her aurat - parts of her body except her face and palms of her hand, will be hanged by their hair in Hell. Hence, be reminded before it is too late.

Jazakallahu khairah

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Pengikut Agama Kristian dan Kalimah 'Allah'.

Saudara, kita tambah sedikit lagi komen kita menegnai keinginan dan kecenderungan pemimpin dan para ralib dan paderi serta penganut agama Kristian di kalangan orang China dan India, serta kaum etnik Bumiputera di Sabah dan Sarawak, mahukan empat perkara: pertama, membenarkan terjemahan Kitab Bible mereka (yang berbahsa Inggeris), iaitu 'al-Kitab' yang digunapakai oleh masyarakat Kristian di Sabah dan Sarawak, supaya diedarkan dan digunakan di Semenanjung untuk openganut agama Kristian (dan munkgin untuk mereka yang ingin tahu apa yang terdapat dalamnya); kedua, membenarkan supaya sebarang rujukan orang Kristian kepada Tuhan mereka mereka gunakan kalimah/perkataan 'Allah', untuk menamakan tuhan tersebut; ketiga, membenarkan mereka menggunakan kalimah 'Allah' sedemikian itu untuk kesemua publications/terbitan mereka di Malaysia - diedarkan di Semanjung, Sabah dan Sarawak; dan keempat, supaya pendokong agama Kristian - Paderi dan Bishopnya - berdakwah mengembangkan agama Kristian kepada semua rakyat Malaysia - supaya rakyat Malaysia, yang bukan Islam faham agama Kristian dan yang Islam tahu ajaran agama mereka, walaupun mungkin mereka tidak mungkin anuti agama Kristian.
Saudara, hari ini keyakinan orang Melayu terhadap agamanya sendiri - agama Islam - semakin luntur, semakin tipis dan semakin jahil terhadap Islam. Kenapa? Para ilmuan Islam sama ada yang bertugas dalam jabatan dan organisasi kerajaan (bertanggung-jawab tentang Islam) tidak berkesempatan atau tidak rela atau mahu menyempatkan masa mereka untuk berdakwah supaya memberi kefahaman serta memantapkan ilmu mereka tentang Islam. Ilmuwan Islam pula yang diluar kerajaan, tidak bersedia menyebarkan ilmu mengenai Islam, kecuali kalau membayar kepada mereka sejumlah wang yang mereka anggap munasabah kepada ketokohan dan keilmuan mereka. Kerana, mereka bergantung hidup kepada usaha menyebarkan ilmu melalui format program motivasi! Atau, mereka maisya mereka disandarkan kepada ilmu mereka tentang Islam! Kesudahannya? Semakin jahillah umat Islam tentang Islam. Semakin tidak yakin mereka tentang kehidupan akhirat. Tambahan pula mereka menjadikan idola hidup orang-orang kaya, tokoh korporat, atau mencontohi kerjaya pelakun filem, penyanyi, penceramah berkaliber, pakar motivasi dllnya, yang mewah hidup mereka. Mereka yang diberi kuasa mentadbir-uruskan agama Islam pula mengenalkan pelbagai sekatan dan hambatan kepada program bakwah sukarela dari kalangan orang yang berilmu yang inginkan simpanan/tabungan pahala akhirat tanpa mengutamakan wang ringgit dalam mengajar dan menyebarluaskan ilmu mengenai Islam. Mereka dihalangi, kerana? Mereka berdakwah tanpa Tauliah. Tidak dibenarkan sesiapa yang berilmu untuk berdakwah kecuali mendapat Tauliah dari pihak berkuasa agama. Tapi! Apabila mereka memohon ditauliahkan, ada yag sengaja dipersulitkan, digagalkan atau ditolak atau tidak diberikan! Kenapa? Kerana disyaki orang-orang tersebut menentang fahaman arus perdana, mengkritik mereka seperti menentang ketetapan yang menombor-satukan fahaman kemazhaban dan menombor-duakan as-Sunnah? Atau, mereka mengikuti mazhab selain Mazhab as-Syafie. Atau, mereka digam sebagai pengikut Islam versi yang berlainan dari ikutan/kumpulan mereka, tidak diiktiraf sebagai pengikut 'ahlus sunnah wal-jama'ah'. Atau, digam sebagai pengikut Faham Wahabi, Islam Liberal, dan pelbagai lagi branding yang mereka tidak akui fahaman Islam yang benar, semata-mata kerana tidak sejajar dengan kefahaman mereka terhadap Islam. 
Hakikatnya, pengikut Islam arus perdana sendiri tidak faham atau kurang faham tuntutan Islam yang benar itu. Islam yang benar itu hanyalah satu - iaitu Islam yang berdasarkan dan berpandukan al-Quran dan as-Sunnah, bukan ajaran mazhab atau mana-mana perkumpulan atau mana-mana aliran. Contoh: apakah bezanya ajaran Wahabbi dengan ajaran orang Islam arus perdana? Kerana, bagi mereka yang faham ajaran Muhammad Abdul Wahab - yang dikatakan mengasaskan fahaman Wahabbi - adalah lebih hampir kepada tuntutan al-Quran dan as-Sunnah, kerana mereka menolak fahaman syirik, tahayul dan kurafat dalam aqidah dan mereka menolak pencemaran dalam syariat (amalan dan ibadah) dalam Islam kerana taklid dan 'bida'ah'. Apabila dihalusi ajaran arus perdana, walaupun mereka akui mereka pengikut ajaran Imam as-Shafie, mereka sebenarnya banyak mengamalkan amalan yang tidakpun terdapat dalam ajaran Imam as-Syafie! Banyak amalan dan ibadah mereka dicemari oleh bid'ah yang tidakpun disuruh oleh Rasulallah (s.a.w), malah bertentangan pula dengan ketetapan al-Quran.
Saudara, dalam blog ini, kita telahpun jelaskan siapa yang boleh diiktiraf sebagai 'ahlus sunnah wal-jama'ah' (ASWJ). Mereka berkeras bahawa merekalah ASWJ, itu sebenarnya tidak tepat mengamalkan amalan ASWJ. 'ahlus sunnah wal-jama'ah wajib mempunyai dua pra-syarat atau ciri yang benar, iaitu mereka berpandukan as-Sunnah berdasarkan sabda Rasulallah (s.a.w): 'ma ana 'alaihi, wa-ashabi' (Yang bermaksud: Apa-apa jalan Islam yang aku (Nabi) dan sahabatku ikuti) (maksudnya, berdasarkan al-Quran dan as-Sunnah, termasuk sunnah khalifah ar-rasyidin al-mahdiyin yang empat) dan mereka berjema'ah dalam Islam. Orang Islam arus perdana tidakpun berpandukan 100% kepada as-Sunnah dan sama sekali tidak berjema'ah - tidak ada Imam, tidak ada ikrar (bai'at), walhal wujudnya Imam adalah pra-syarat halalnya keIslaman seseorang dan berjema'ah itu adalah syarat sahnya Islam dan syarat Allah (a.w) terima segala amalan dan ibadah. Inilah ketetapan induk pada Ayat 13: an-Nisa' - ikuti al-Quran dan as-Sunnah pasti dapat syurga; ikuti sebaliknya, termasuk mencemarkan ketetapan ini, pasti masuk neraka, wal iya zubillah.
Saudara, siapa yang benar dan berhak? Allah (a.w) perintahkan manusia supaya sampaikan ilmu al-Quran (dan as-Sunnah).
Firman Allah (a.w): 'Ittabi’ ma uhiya ilaika min (-ir) rabbika ...'(Yang bermaksud: (Wahai Rasulallah (s.a.w))! Sampaikan apa-apa yang diwahyukan kepada kamu dari Tuhan kamu ...) - Ayat 106: al-An’am. 
Setiap yang Islam itu wajib sampaikan ilmu yang didapati atau yang dipelajarinya.Rasulallah (s.a.w) perintahkan umatnya supaya sampaikan sunnahnya walaupun sekadar sepotong hadith. Islam tidak mensyaratkan umatnya berdakwah setelah mendapat Tauliah yang ditauliahkan oleh pihak berkuasa keagamaan (dulu keAmiran/KeImaman, selepas Khalifah yang empat). Apakah dalam Islam manusia boleh menidakkan perintah Allah (a.w) dan perintah RasulNya? Tidak. Malah dalam perkara aqidah dan syariat Islam, ketetapan yang fundamental adalah Ayat 59: an-Nisa':
Firman Allah (a.w): 'Ya aiyuhallazina amanu ati’ullaha wa ati’ur rasula wa ulil amri minku; fain tanaza’tum faruddu ilallahi war rasuli in kuntum tukminuna billahi wal yaumin akhiri; zalika khairun wa akhsanu takwila.'(Yang bermaksud: Wahai orang-orang yang beriman! Taatkanlah Allah (a.w) (yakni, ikuti al-Quran) dan taatkanlah Rasulallah (s.a.w) (yakni, ikutilah as-Sunnah) dan ‘ulil amri’ (yakni, orang-orang yang berkuasa atas kamu, yang memerintah dan menguruskan urusan jemaah Islam) kamu sekelian; maka jika kamu persilisih faham tentang segala sesuatu, maka kembalilah (yakni, rujuk semula kepada ketetapan) kepada Allah (a.w) (yakni, rujuk kepada al-Quran) dan Rasulallah (s.a.w) (yakni, rujuk kepada as-Sunnah), jika adalah kamu sekelian beriman dengan Allah (a.w)(yakni, percayakan Allah (a.w)), Tuhan kamu dan (beriman dengan) hari akhirat (yakni, qiamatnya dunia dan bermulanya kehidupan akhirat yang tidak bertempoh apabila kamu dihisab dan dibalas dengan balasan syurga atau neraka) - Ayat 59: an-Nisa.
Saudara, yang jelas adalah semua orang Islam yang berilmu dibolehkan, malah diwajibkan menyampaikan ilmunya. Malah ganjaran menyampaikan ilmu tersebut begitu besar sekali. Tapi, kalaulah 'ulil amri' atau kepimpinan Islam mengenakan syarat, maka ketetapan sedemikian itu adalah bertentangan dengan perintah Allah (a.w) dalam ayat dia atas itu. Jadi, tidak hairanlah bahawa orang-orang agama sendiri yang melestarikan kejahilan di kalangan umat Islam hari ini, kerana kejahilan mereka sendiri dan kerana tindak tanduk mereka yang bertentangan dengan ketetapan Islam.
Saudara, dalam perkara tuntutan orang Nesrani untuk menggunakan kalimah 'Allah' sebagai nama tuhan mereka, Allah (a.w) telahpun melarangnya dalam firmanNya berikut:
Firman Allah (a.w): ‘Qalut-takhazallahu waladan subhanahu; hual-ghaniyu … al-ayat’ (Yang bermaksud: Mereka (orang Yahudi dan Nesrani) berkata: ‘Allah mempunyai anak!’ Maha-suci Dia (Allah), Dialah (Allahlah) zat yang Maha Kaya (yang memiliki segala sesuatu di dibumi dan di langit), tidak ada di sisi kalian (i.e. mereka) dari hujjah/keterangan/kebenaran dengan ini (kata-kata mereka bahawa Tuhan itu memiliki anak atau Isa itu anak Tuhan): ‘Apakah kalian mengatakan atas Allah apa-apa yang kalian tidak mengetahui (i.e. tiada ilmu mengenainya)?’ – Ayat 68: Yunus
Jelas, bahawa apakah kita yang Islam berhak membelakangkan ketetapan Allah (a.w) bahawa tidak sekali-kali sesuai boleh pengikut agama lain itu menggunakan nama 'Allah' bagi menamakan/merujuk kepada tuhan yang mereka sembah, dan bukanlah Allah! Kalaulah Allah (a.w) itu mereka akui tuhan mereka, pastilah mereka beragama Islam, dan menentang kebatilan agama-agama lain. Dapat post-post yang lalu, kita telahpun lihat cemuhan Allah (a.w) terhadap kata-kata nenek moyang orang Yahudi dan Nesrani semenjak zaman dulu lagi tentang kepercayaan mereka dan tentang penolakan mereka akan aqidah dan syariat Islam, Rasulallah (s.a.w) dan al-Quran. Janganlah kita menempah neraka semata-mata kerana pertimbangan duniawai - pendokong agama Kristian nak gunakan pelbagai helah - atas gesaan syaitan - bagi mencemarkan kesucian nama Allah (a.w), menjatuhkan mertabat serta keagungan Allah (a.w) dan mengelirukan umat Islam, terutama yang jahil Islam.

Jazakallau khairah

Peringatan kepada diri sendiri - Islam dan kalimah 'Allah'

Saudara, sempena sambutan Hari Tahun Baru Cina - kelmarin dan hari ini, dan berlatar-belakangkan kontroversi menyelubungi kalimah 'Allah' yang golongan Kristian di Malaysia ingin gunakan dalam terbitan - buku, makalah, majallah daa apa juga alat komunikasi bertulis mahupun maya pihaknya, termasuklah mengekalkan penggunaan kalimat 'Allah' dalam Bible versi Bahasa Malaysianya - kita peringatkan diri sendiri dan memperingatkan tokoh-tokoh Melayu yang merupakan pemimpin politik dan agama, bahawa mereka wajib faham Islam sebenar-benarnya sebelum membuat sebarang pendirian dan ketetapan.
Saudara, peringatan dalam post ini amat penting kepada orang yang akui dirinya Islam, kerana sebarang tindaktanduk mereka menyentuh isu kalimah 'Allah' ini mempunyai ramifikasi dan implikasi atau kesan dan akibat yang amat buruk dalam akhiratnya. Mungkin orang yang agamanya tidak Islam memiliki versi berasingan tentang 'akhirat' - apa jua agama, termasuklah agama Kristian, namun yang benarnya adalah apa yang disebutkan oleh Allah (a.w) dan Rasulallah (s.a.w) mengenai kehidupan akhirat tersebut. Kita sudahpun diberitahu oleh Allah (a.w) dalam Ayat 7: as-Syura bahawa apabila mati seorang anak Adam - apakah dia Islam atau tidak Islam - hanya dua tempat baginya, tiada pilihan lain, iaitu segolongan masuk neraka dan segolongan masuk syurga. Yang pasti Allah (a.w) memberitahu dalam al-Quran bahawa jika seorang itu kafir atau tidak beragama Islam, pasti tak dapat syurga tetapi pasti masuk neraka, segala kebaikan yang dikerjakannya di dunia tidak dapat menolongnya untuk melepaskan dirinya dari masuk neraka, wal iya zubillah! Justeru itu, ingatlah syurga hanya boleh didapati oleh seseorang yang agamanya adalah Islam. Jelasnya, jika seseorang itu tidak Islam, dia terlepas peluang untuk dapat syurga. Justeru itu, tidak ada gunanya bagi paderi dan pengikut agama Kristian jikapun mereka berhak' menggunakan kalimah 'Allah' merujuk kepada tuhan dalam al-Kitabnya! Ini bukan bererti bahawa mereka boleh atau dibolehkan menggunakan atau menamakan tuhan mereka dengan nama 'Allah'. Itu isu kedua.
Saudara, bagi orang yang beragama Islam, keIslaman sahaja memberi peluang untuk terselamat dari neraka dan kelayakan untuk mendapat syurga di akhirat kelak. tupun belum pasti. Justeru itu Islam tidak mempastikan seseorang yang Islam itu mendapat syurga! Syuraga hanya boleh didapati oleh orang Islam jika dia berjaya memenuhi ketetapan Allah (a.w) pada Ayat 13: an-Nisa' - taatkan Allah (a.w) (bermaksud, ikuti dan patuhi ketetapan al-Quran) dan taatkan Rasulallah (s.a.w) (bermaksud, ikuti dan pathi ketetapan as-Sunnah) - itu sajakepastian untuk mendapat syurga di ahirat kelak. Ketaatan terhadap Allah (a.w) ini mengandungi pelagai ketaatan yang terperinci pula, termasuklah menerim segala sesuatu yang disebutkan dalam al-Quran daripada yang sebesar-besarnya hinggalah sekecil-kecilnya. Yang benar mengagungkan Allah (a.w) dan tidaklah mencemarkan keagungannya. Termasuk dalam pencemaran tersebut adalah menyentuh aqidah dan syariat. Menyamatarafkan agama Islam dengan agama selain Islam, termasuklah mengjhormati agama lain sebagai agama yang mirip tuntuan Islam, adalah suatu pencemaran aqidah, kerana Allah (a.w) menyuruh hambaNya (i.e. umat Islam) supaya mengakkan Islam mengatasi sebarang agama citaan manusia, termasuklah agama Kristian - Ayat 28: al-Fath.
Firman Allah (a.w): 'Dialah (Allah (a.w)) yang mengutus seorang RasulNya (yakni, Nabi Muhammad (s.a.w)) dengan (membawa) hidayah (yakni, petunjuk) dan agama yang haq (benar) (iaitu agama Islam) supaya dimenangkan/mengatasi kesemua agama; dan cukuplah/memadailah Allah (a.w) menjadi saksi mereka.' - Ayat 28: al-Fath.
Saudara, membenarkan penganjur, peneraju dan pengikut agama lain - atas alasan apapun - menggunakan kalimah 'Allah' bukan sahaja merendahkan keagungan Allah (a.w) tetapi juga suatu perbuatan yang sama sekali tidak wajar bagi orang yang akui dirinya Islam dan percaya dia bahawa, jika berjaya mendapat syurga di akhirat kelak, dia akan berteu dengan Allah (.w). Jelasnya, tidak semua yang akui dirinya Islam akan berjaya mendapat syurga!
Saudara, orang yang gagal mendapat syurga dijelaskan oleh Allah (a.w) pada Ayat 14: an-Nisa' - sesiapa yang menentang Allah (a.w) dan menentang Rasulallah (s.a.w) dan melanggar batasan-batasan keettaapan Allah (a.w) dan Rasulallah (s.a.w), pasti dimasukkan ke dalam neraka. 'Menentang' dalam firman Allah (a.w) merangkumi segala perbuatan yang dikerjakan dan kata-kata yang diluahkan yang sama sekali berlawanan dengan ketetapan al-Quran dan as-Sunnah, seperti menjatuhkan imej dan kedudukan Allah (a.w) dengan apa jua cara, menyama tarafkan Allah (a.w) dengan sifat-sifat yang secara jelas ditetpan oleh Allah (a.w) sendiri dalam al-Quran. 'Melanggar batasan-batasan' termasuklah melanggar ketetapan yang ditetapkan oleh Allah (a.w) dalam al-Quran dan ketetapan Rasulallah (s.a.w) dalam as-Sunnah. Termasuk dalam pelanggaran tersebut adalah menjatuhkan kewibaan Allah (a.w) sebagai tuhan yang esa, walhal orang Kristian ingin menjatuhkan imej Allah (a.w) dengan menyamakan Allah (a.w) dengan tuhan mereka yang dikatakan meranguki tuhan tga serangkai yang memasukkan Jesus (nama yang diberikan oleh Kristian kepada Isa (a.s)) sebagai the Son of God dan virgin Mary (nama yang dirujuk oleh pihak Kristian kepada Mariam, ibu kepada Nabi Isa (a.s).
Saudara, umat Islam diperingatkan dalam kehidupannya supaya berwaspada dan janganlah membinasakan diri kerana pertimbangan-pertimbangan dunia, apa juga motif dan mitvasi yang menyebabkan mereka bertindak menyimpang dari ketetapan Allah (a.w) dan RasulNya - Ayat 7: al-Hasyr, iaitu
Firman Allah (a.w): ‘Dan apa-apa yang dibawakan oleh Rasul itu maka hendaklah kamu ambil (yakni, diamal dan diibadatkan) akandia dan apa-apa yang ditegah oleh Rasulallah (s.a.w) atas kamu sekelian dengan tegah-tegahan itu, hendaklah kamu jauhi (yakni, tinggalkan.’- Ayat 7: al-Haysr.
Dan, sabda Rasulallah (s.a.w) bahawa:
Diriwayatkan hadith daripada Abi Hurairah (r.a) berkata: ‘Rasulallah (s.a.w) bersabda: 'Ma amartukum bihi fakhuzuhu. Wama nahaitukum ‘anhu fantahu.' (Yang bermaksud: Apa-apa yang memerintahkan aku akan kamu dengannya (yakni, sesuatu perintah) maka kamu ambillah] - Hadith ibnu Majah, Bab Mengikuti Sunnah Rasulallah (s.a.w)
Dan, lihat juga hadith berikut:
Diriwayatkan hadith daripada Abi Hurairah (r.a) bahawa Rasulallah (s.a.w) bersabda: 'Barangsiapa mentaati aku maka sungguh-sungguh dia mentaati Allah (a.w). Dan, barangsiapa engkar (atau, melanggar) perintahku, maka sesungguhnya dia derhaka kepada Allah (a.w) - Hadith Bukhari.
Saudara, kita diberitahu dan diperingatkan oleh Rasulallah (s.a.w) bahawa seseorang yang Islam itu hanya mendapat syurga jikalah mereka menepati ketetapan dalam hadith berikut:
Diriwayatkan hadith daripada Abi Hurairah (r.a) berkata bahawa Rasulallah (s.a.w) bersabda: 'Setiap umatku masuk syurga, selain (yakni, kecuali) orang yang ‘enggan’. Mereka (yakni, para sahabat) bertanya: ‘Wahai Rasulallah (s.a.w)! Siapakah yang ‘enggan’ itu?’ ‘Rasulallah (s.a.w) menjawab: ‘Sesiapa yang mematuhi perintahku (yakni, ikuti as-Sunnah) masuk syurga, dan sesiapa yang melanggar perintahku, maka sesungguhnya orang itu ‘enggan’ (yakni, mereka yang ‘enggan’ itu adalah mereka yang tidak mematuhi perintah Rasulallah (s.a.w) tidak masuk syurga, yakni masuk neraka).’ - Hadith Bukhari.
Firman Allah (a.w): 'Man (-ai) yuti'irrasula faqad ata'allaha.' (Yang bermaksud: Barangsiapa taatkan Rasulallah (s.a.w) (yakni, ikuti as-Sunnah) sungguh-sungguh mereka telah mentaati Allah (a.w)) - Ayat 80: an-Nisa’. 
Saudara, dalam post yang lalu kita telahpun beritahu dan mengetahui beberapa hakikat yang amat fundamental. Apa dia? Pertama, 'Allah' yang Esa itu adalah tuhan semua manusia semenjak zaman Adam (a.s) dan Hawa (a.s) lagi, kerana manusia adalah keturuan dari mereka. Konsep 'al-Auwalun' digunakan seringkali dalam al-Quran merujuk kepada hakikat bahawa tuhan manusia itu semenjaz permulaan zaman adalah Allah (a.w). Tapi, bukanlah orang Kristian berhak menggunakan nama 'Allah' merujuk kepada tuhan mereka, kecualilah mereka masuk Islam dan akui bahawa 'Allah' itu tuhan yang Esa. Maka dengan itu, mereka yang Islam dan beriman itu dirujuk oleh Allah (a.w) dalam firmanNya berikut:
Firman Allah (a.w): 'Wahai orang-orang yang beriman bertaqwalah (yakni, takutilah atau sembahlah dan perhambakanlah dirimu) kepada Allah (a.w) dengan sebenar-benar taqwa (persaan takut dalam perhambaan itu), dan janganlah kamu mati kecuali kamu mati sebagai seorang Islam (yang berpandukan as-Sunnah).’ - Ayat 102: ali-Imran.
Manakala, Allah (a.w) menuruk kepada manusia secara umum untuk memahami tugas mereka di dunia adalah:
Firman Allah (a.w): 'Wama khlaqtul jinna wal-insa illa li-ya’buduni.' (Yang bermaksud: Dan tidaklah Aku (Allah (a.w)) jadikan jinn dan manusia kecuali untuk mengabdikan diri mereka (maksudnya, menyembah) kepadaKu) - Ayat 56: az-Zariat.
Manusia itu diiktiraf 'mengabdikan diri' atau 'menyembah' Allah (a.w) kita dia beragama Islam, kerana Allah (a.w) ridha hanya dengan agama ciptaanNya sendiri, iaitu Islam - Ayat 3: al-Maidah, Ayat 19: ali-Imran dll.
Saudara, dalam menangani isu penggunaan kalimah Allah ini, kita umat Islam yang beriman diperingatkan oleh Allah (a.w):
Firman Allah (a.w): 'Dan barangsiapa yang melanggar batasan-batasan (yakni, ketentuan dan ketetapan) RasulNya setelah nyata baginya petunjuk (yakni, ketetapan tersebut ada di dalam as-Sunnah atau telah diberitahu menerusi al-Hadith) dan dia mengikut jalan selain jalan orang yang beriman (yakni, orang yang patuh kepada al-Quran dan as-Sunnah), Kami (Allah (a.w)) palingkan (mereka ke arah yang mereka tujui, yakni terus tersesat) dan akan Kami (Allah (a.w)) bakar mereka dalam Neraka Jahannam, dan Neraka itu adalah seburuk-buruk tempat kembali] - Ayat 115: an-Nisa’.
dan, peringatan Allah (a.w) berikut, bahawa:
Firman Allah (a.w): 'Dan tidak boleh bagi seseorang orang lelaki yang beriman dan seorang perempuan yang beriman, apabila memutuskan Allah (a.w) dan RasulNya sesuatu urusan atau perkara (mengenai Islam dan syariat Islam) bahawa ada bagi mereka memilih dari perkara mereka (i.e. mereka memilih dari urusan mereka (yakni, dia mengikut kehendaknya atau kata hatinya sendiri atau mereka memilih untuk mengikut ketetapan atau pandangan atau ajaran orang lain), (mereka itu menderhaka terhadap Allah (a.w) dan RasulNya) maka barangsiapa yang menderhaka kepada Allah (a.w) dan RasulNya (yakni, tidak akur dengan ketetapan Allah (a.w), yakni al-Quran) dan ketetapan Rasulallah (s.a.w) (yakni, ketetapan as-Sunnah)) sesungguhnya dia telah sesat dalam kesesatan yang nyata (yakni, pasti masuk neraka).] - Ayat 36: al-Ahzab.
serta, diperingatkan pula oleh Rasulallah (s.a.w) dalam hadih berikut:
Rasulallah (s.a.w) bersabda: ‘Barangsiapa rela atau ridha (yakni, bersetuju atau tidak membantah) melihat pemerintah atau pemimpin membuat sesuatu yang dimurkai Allah (a.) dia telah keluar dari agama Allah (a.w) (yakni, menjadi kafir).’- Hadith sahih al-Hakim.
Demikianlah, salah satu cabang kekufuran yang mengakibatkan mereka berfahaman sedemikian itu jatuh kafir , terkeluar dari Islam, masuk neraka, wal iya zubillah.
Saudara, kita yang Islam diperingatkan oleh Allah (a.w) dalam Surah al-Kauthar bahawa sesiapa yang mengingkari ketetapan Rasulallah (s.a.w) dan mengubah syariat agama Islam yang menjadikan syariat tersebut berbeza dari syariat yang dibawakan oleh Rasulallah (s.a.w), tidak akan diberi peluang minum air Telaga al-Kauthar ketika berhimpun di padang mahsyar kelak dan pasti terkeluar dari Islam, atau diiktiraf sebagai umat Muhammad (asa.a.w), maksudnya terkleuar dari islam yang benar, walaupun luarannya dilihat oleh manusia sejagat atau dia sendiri menyangka yang dia kekal Islam, wal iya zubillah.
Diriwayatkan hadith darpada Ka’ab bin ‘Ujrah (r.a) berkata: ‘Keluar atasku Rasulallah (s.a.w) dan adapun aku orang yang kesembilan (dalam kumpulan itu), maka bersabda Rasulallah (s.a.w): ‘Sesungguhnya akan ada kelak sesudahku (yakni, setelah wafat aku) beberapa amir/imam. Barangsiapa membenarkan dengan kedustaan (atau pendustaan) mereka (tentang Islam dan syariatnya) dan menolong mereka atas kezaliman mereka (yakni, pelanggaran al-Quran dan as-Sunnah), maka tiadalah mereka dari golonganku dan tiadalah aku dari golongan mereka dan tidak datang (yakni, mendekati) mereka ke telagaku (yakni, telaga al-Kauthar); dan barangsiapa tidak membenarkan mereka dengan kedustaan (atau pendustaan) mereka dan tidak menolong mereka atas kezaliman mereka (yakni, melanggar ketetapan al-Quran dan as-Sunnah), maka dia dari golonganku dan aku dari golongan mereka, dan dia akan datang ke telagaku (yakni, telaga al-Kauthar).’ [Hadith an-Nasa’i]
Kedua, Islam adalah agama untuk manusia, kerana untuk menepati pegabidan yang disebutkan/diperintahkan oleh Allah (a.w) pada Ayat 56: az-Zariat itu, manusia wajib anuti agama Allah (a.w), yakni agama Islam. Justeru itu, Islam adalah agama untuk semua manusia- tak kira bangsa, dan tak kira zaman mana dia dihidup. Islam membatalkan agama Allah (a.w) sebelumnya, iaitu agama yang dibawakan oleh Isa (a.s) yang panduannya adalah Kitab Injil (Ingat: Kitab Bible atau al-Kitab bukanlah Kitab Injil atau terjema'ah Kitab Injil), sebagaimana Kitab Injil membatalkan atau memansuhkan panduan agama nabi usa (a.s), Kitab Taurat, apakala Isa (a.s) diangkat menjadi Rasul dan kitab panduan yang ditetapkan Allah (a.w) zaman Isa (a.s) adalah Injil. Ketiga, juga kita telah faham melalui post sebeulm ini, bahawa al-Quran adalah kitab panduan hidup manusia semua bangsa dan semua zaman sehinggalah terjadinya kiamat. Justeru itu, tidak wajarlah nama 'Allah' itu diletakkan dalam kitab-kitab yang bukannya merujuk kepada al-Quran. Al-Quran itu adalah kitab yang diturunkan/dikarang sendiri oleh Allah (a.w) sebagai panduan manusia. Keempat, sehubungan itulah semua manusia diwajibkan menerima dan megakui Nabi Muhammad (sa.w) itu sebagai Rasul/Utusan Allah (a.w) kepada semua manusia - ta kira bangsa dan tak kira zaman mana mereka hidup - kerana Rasulallah (s.a.w) adalah Nabi/Rasul penamat dn Islam adalah agama untuk manusia di akhir zaman. Kerana itu, kalau orang Kristian ingin gunakan 'Allah' sebagai nama tuhan mereka, lebih baik, malah lebih rasional dan selamat, mereka masuk Islam sahaja - di akhirat mereka berjaya mendapat syurga. Alangkah baiknya ...
Saudara, pesanan Rasulallah (s.a.w) dalam hadith berikut, baik sebagai panduan meeka yang tidak Islam dan lebih-lebih lagi mereka yang akui diri mereka Islam, walhal jahil tentang Islam:
Sabda Rasulallah (s.a.w): ‘Taraktu fikum amraini lantadillu ma tamasaktum bihima, wahia Kitabullahi wa-sunnati nabiyi.' (Yang bermaksud: ‘Aku tinggalkan kepada kamu sekelian dua perkara tidak akan sesat kamu sekelian selama-lamanya (maksudnya, mencari dan berada di atas ‘siratul mustaqim’, dan berjaya mendapat syurga, selamat dari neraka) selagi kamu sekelian berpegang dengan kedua-duanya, iaitu Kitab Allah (a.w) (yakni, al-Quran) dan Sunnah RasulNya (yakni, al-Hadith atau as-Sunnah)] - Hadith riyawat Imam Malik. al-Hakim dan Ibnu Abdil Barri.
Saudara, oleh itu berwaspadalah, janganlah kerana perttimbangan politik, sosial, kemasyarakatan dan demi arguments selainnya, membenarkan nama Allah (a.w) disalahgunakan oleh manusia. Yang menanggung akibat buruknya kita sendiri.

Jazakallahu khairah