Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Islam: Reminder to non-Muslim Friends

Saudara, if you have close friends who are non-Muslims, and if you are really a true friend to them, help them and forewarn them that only Muslims are admitted into heaven. And, that all non-Muslims - Jews, Christian and idol-worshipers alike - will not be admitted into heaven when the world ends. [Note: One reader of this blog, who happens to have a Ph D, mocked this statement. I don't blame him. Without knowledge of Islam, everyone will say the same thing. Followers of other religions do not have proof of what their religions taught them.What proof do their religious elders had to say that they will enter Heaven? God says so? When? In what religious book?]
You will be doing them (i.e. your friends) an invaluable favor. They can ask people who were once non-Muslims, and now they are good Muslims, in the person of Farid Ravi (an Indian), Hussein Yee and Dr Ridhuan Tee (Chinese) or Yusuf Islam (a British) and many others. By becoming a Muslim they don't lose anything. In fact, they a lot to gain now and in the Hereafter! In fact they benefit more than those who were borned Muslims!
All non-Muslims and even (now) many Muslims believe that all religions are the same, they teach you to be a good human being. All religion teach man to be good in life - help others, think of others, don't cheat, don't kill, don't do this or that and instead do goods. They were told that if they are good in this world, they will re-incarnated as animals or saints or whatever in the next world. Islam teaches Muslims to be good too, but more. Islam teaches Muslims to have 'akhlak karimah' (i.e.good character and behavior) and they should espouse to have and adopt 'sifat-sifat mahmudah' (i.e. good characters) and not  have 'sifat-sifat mazmumah' (i.e. bad characters). But, Islam guarantees you no torment in the graves, while you are waiting for the Day of Judgement, where you will be raised again in life to be judged according to what you have done in life during your lifetime, and finally, you will be rewarded being  dwellers of the Heaven, if and only if, during your lifetime you obey Allah (a.w) and his Prophet, and whatever sins you have done, you repented and ask for Allah's forgiveness and Allah (a.w) is ever willing to forgive you. Your good deeds now will be rewarded. One good deed is multiplied by 10 to 700 or even 100,000 times more in the Hereafter! What a great dividend for a small investment!! That is the difference! No other religion can guarantee you that. The al-Quran is Allah's book. And, this are, some of what are said in the al-Quran, to remind our non-Muslim friends:
Verse 19: Surah ali-Imran: The religion accepted by Allah (a.w) is Islam
Verse 85: Surah ali-Imran: Whoever seek as a religion other than Islam, he will not be accepted (i.e. all his prayers and good deeds will no be accepted), and he is a sure loser in the Hereafter (i.e. thrown into Hell in the Hereafter)
Verse 116: Surah ali-Imran: Those who are unbelivers (i.e. non-Muslim), their wealth and their children mean nothing to Allah (a.w), if they were to use those to ransom themselves in order to escape from or avoid the Hellfire, will not be accepted; hell is their abode.
Verse 17: Surah al-Maidah: A sure disbeliever (i.e. kafir) those who said Masih ibni Maryam (i.e. Jesus as referred to by Christians to Isa (a.s)) is son of Allah (a.w) ...'
Verse 36: Surah al-Maidah: Those who are unbelievers (i.e. non-Muslim) even if they have wealth equivalent to the value of the whole earth and whatever else it contains, and double that, to ransom Allah (a.w) to spare them from the torment of the grave and Hellfire, will not be accepted of them, and for them the Hell is a sure abode in the Hereafter.
And, a reminder to those who are Christians, the following verse denying the existence of Trinity of God, the central belief of the Christians:
Verse 72: Surah al-Maidah: A sure disbeliever (i.e. kafir) those who say that Masih ibni Maryam (i.e. Jesus as referred to by Christians to Isa (a.s)) because Jesus said to the Israelites (the Jews and the Christians then): 'Oh Sons of Israil! Obey Allah (a.w), who is my God and your God (and the God of those generations before you)'; those who ascribe other gods to Allah (a.w) will never be permitted to enter the Heaven and for them a sure abode is Hell'.
Verse 73: Surah al-Maidah: Those who say that there is a Trinity of God are unbelievers (i.e. non-Muslim), Allah (a.w) is but one. [Note: Unbelievers will definitely be dwellers of Hell].
These are some of the commands of Allah (a.w) in the al-Quran. This is only a reminder to our non-Muslims friends in the hope that before they breathe their last breath, they will become Muslim for their good and for our good.

Jazakallah khairah

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