Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Menarik Hari Ini - Malaysian Boleh?

Saudara, berita menarik hari (19 April 2011) tentang kejaay anak Malaysia yg kini telah melucutkan kerkyatan Malaysia dan menetap di USA; Cabutan berita dari 'the Star on-Line' ...
'Malaysia has something to be proud of as home-grown lawyer Padma Veeru-Collings (pic) has been appointed chief prosecutor of Salt Lake City in the United States.
The Petaling Jaya-born lass credited her achievements to her parents, saying “it's my way of honouring them”.
“Although, I was only nine when my father passed away, I remember him telling me that I should be a lawyer,” said the 48-year-old, adding that she was the 10th out of 12 children.
Bright-eyed and vivacious, Veeru-Collings specialises in domestic violence and stalking cases.
“A case that stands out in my mind is an abuse case that I successfully prosecuted. The victim hugged and thanked me for standing up for her,” she recalled.
An American citizen now, she holds fond memories of Malaysia where she spent her early days until she was in her teens.
“My mom always made us great meals. I miss her cooking,” she said in an e-mail interview, adding that she also had happy memories of visiting friends during Malaysia's religious holidays.
With 13 years of experience in the city prosecutor's office under her belt, Veeru-Collings is known as an “extraordinarily well-qualified and experienced” lawyer by Salt Lake City mayor Ralph Becker.
“My appointment was unexpected but I am excited,” she said, adding that as far as she knew, she was the first Malaysian to hold the prestigious post.
She beat 17 other candidates selected by a six-person committee made up of city personnel, a justice court judge, a member of the Utah State Bar Association and a member of the public.'
Soalan: Adakah agaknya orang Melayu atau orang Islam yg dibentuk dan dipupuk di Malaysia yg keluar menetap di negara orang mengembangkan ugama Allah (a.w)? Takda. tapi ramai warga Indonesia yg menetap di beberapa negara luar bekerja sambil mengembangkan Islam dan syiarnya mengikut model yg ditunjuk dan diajarkan oleh Rasulallah (s.a. w).

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