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The word or name 'Allah' - what it stands for

Bros, of late the controversy surrounding 'Allah' remains unabated. It has become fully political to say the least. The government and the political parties which are in control of the government have not made a clear stand whether to allow 'Allah' to refer to god or gods of other religions, in particular Christianity. Some UMNO politicians criticized strongly Us Hadi, Pas President, for having the view that non-Muslims should not be allowed to use 'Allah' to refer to their god or gods. They ridiculed Nik Aziz, Kelantan's MB, who had earlier said that non-Muslims to use 'Allah' to refer to their god or gods, as long as they do not abuse the word and what it actually connotes, had recently changed his mind. Some say because of political pressure. Some say that Nik Aziz now understood what 'Allah' stands for. Lim Guan Eng, DAP's Sec-Gen, asked that Malaysian Christians should be allowed to use 'Allah' in reference to their Lord.
In this blog, we do not intend to delve on controversies. But, to clarify salient points on the the word 'Allah' and to explain what it connotes. 
Bros, one ought to understand that man's religion ordained by Allah (a.w) is Islam. Allah (a.w) says: 'The religion accepted by Allah (a.w) is Islam ...' (Verse 19, Surah ali-Imran). Hence, other religions are created by man, and only Islam is the religion created and established by Allah (a.w) for mankind. 
The origin of man began with the creation of Adam (a.s) and his wife, Hawa (a.s) (or, Eve to the Christians). Both Adam (a.w) and Hawa (a.s), having been insinuated by Syaitan (=Satan), were expelled form Heaven, and ordained to live their life on earth. In was on earth that they and their off-springs and their off-springs i.e. mankind since then until Judgement Day, were to live. Thus began mankind. On being expelled from heaven, Satan, who was responsible for their expulsion for being disobedient of Allah (a.w) vowed to continue to insinuate mankind to reject or, otherwise, disobeyed Allah (a.w), until kiamat (=Judgement Day). Allah (a.w) then told Adam and Eve that Allah (a.w) will appoint among their descendants Apostles or Messengers, whose role was to remind mankind that if they obey Allah (a.w) they have an opportunity to enter Heaven and those who disobey Allah (a.w) command or transgressed Allah (a.w) forbidden limits, and refuse to abide by the Prophet's command, will be thrown into hell in the hereafter. The al-Quran would guide mankind to follow the 'siratul Mustaqim' (=straight path to Heaven). And, Muhammad (s.a.w) would guide mankind to learn, understand and practice the teachings of the al-Quran. Since Muhammad (s.a.w) is no longer with us, the as-Sunnah, contains the words and deeds of the Prophet, would be the compendium together with the al-Quran, to guide the Muslims in their lifetime. Those who followed the apostles would succeed in their hereafter and would be admitted into heaven (Verse 13 Surah an-Nisa'). Those who disobeyed Allah (a.w) and Muhammad (s.a.w) would be thrown into the hellfire.
Bros, Allah (a.w) is the one and only god for mankind - no matter where they live, during which time they live or whatever is their racial or ethnic origins, since all man are descendants of Adam (a.s) and Hawa (a.s). Allah (a.w) says in the al-Quran: 'Say o Muhammad (s.a.w)! Allah is one (=the only god) (Verse 1: Surah al-Ikhlas]. 'Allah neither is begotten nor beget a son' (Verse 2: Surah al-Ikhlas).  Hence, the word 'Allah' refers to the one and only god. There is no other god but Allah (a.w). Hence whoever believe in the oneness of god, meets the first part of the requirement to adopt 'Allah' as the name of their god. In addition, they must also accept Muhammad (s.a.w) as Allah (a.w)'s Apostle or Messenger. Then they become Muslims. Then only they can refer to their god as 'Allah'. Otherwise, they could not and should not.
Secondly, Muhammad (s.a.w) is the last Prophet and Messenger. Muhammad (s.a.w) is the appointed Apostle or Messenger, sent by Allah (a.w) to guide mankind - for all times and for all ethnic or races - to obey Allah (a.w) and perform all of Allah's prescriptions so that they will succeed in the hereafter to be rewarded the Heaven and protected from Hell. For as long as the world remains and kiamat has not occurred, Allah (a.w) is the one and only god and Muhammad (s.a.w) is the Apostle or Prophet or the Messenger to all mankind and for all times. Therefore, those who refuse to accept Muhammad (s.a.w) as Allah's messenger, is deem to be kafir or non-believers or non-Muslims or infidels. Allah (a.w) decreed that those who are not Muslims will never be given the chance to enter the heaven, since Allah (a.w) declares that the only religion accepted by Allah (a.w) is Islam. Why? Because He establishes Himself Islam as the religion for mankind. Therefore, those who are not Muslims, refuse to accept the unity or oneness of Allah (a.w) and refuse to accept that Muhammad (s.a.w) is Allah's Apostle for all time and all mankind, are not entitled to refer to their god or gods as 'Allah'. Further, it should be understood that the al-Quran is Allah's Book, containing Allah's words commanding mankind to perform all prescriptions of Allah (a.w) - signifying their total obedience to Allah (a.w) and to refrain from doing the forbidden. The al-Quran is Allah's guidance to mankind in their lifetime, if they want salvation in the hereafter, i.e. admission into the Heaven and secured from punishment in Hell. Again, those who accept the al-Quran as their guidance, will guarantee their salvation in the hereafter. They have every right to use the word 'Allah' to refer to their god, since they are Muslims and not kafir (or infidels or non-believers).
Bros, the Christians say that their god should be called 'Allah', since their Bible refers to the same god that was preached by Isa (a.s), i.e. referred to as 'Jesus' by the Christians. [Note: Jesus is not Isa (a.s) since the Christians believe that Jesus was crucified by the Romans, whereas Allah (a.w) says that Isa (a.s) is taken back into heaven, and would be returned to earth during the days just before Kiamat (Judgement Day) occurs]. Allah (a.w) says: 'Certainly kafir or infidels are those people who declared that al-Masih son of Mary (i.e. Isa (a.s) is Allah ...' (Verse 72: Surah al-Maidah). Again, Allah (a.w) says: 'Certainly kafir or infidels are those who declared that Allah is one of three (the Trinity of God), there is no other god except the one and only god (i.e. Allah).' (Verse 73, Surah al-Maidah). Clearly the Christians do not deserve to use the word 'Allah' to refer to their god or gods!
Perhaps the Jews might one day also seek to use the word 'Allah' to refer to their god. The god refers to by the Jews is not Allah (a.w) referred to by Musa (a.s) (Moses) and the Taurat (Torah)! Because Musa (a.s) refers to the one single Allah (a.w) since he taught Bani Israil as guided by the Taurat the earlier version of Allah's religion, Islam. Musa (a.s), like Isa (a.s), preached 'Islam' = total submission to the one single god, Allah (a.w). The Taurat (=Torah), the book of Musa (a.s) (=Moses) and the Injil, the Book of Isa (a.s) (Jesus), were Allah's Book, like the al-Quran. The teachings of the Taurat superceded by the Injil, when Isa (a.s) was appointed the Apostle. Similarly, when Muhammad (s.a.w) was appointed the Apostle, 600 years later, and he was given Allah's Book, the al-Quran, the al-Quran superceded the Injil. [Note: We do not refer to Injil as the Bible in tis post because, the true Injil is not the Bible. Hence, The Bible is not the Injil, the Book of Isa (a.s) (=Jesus).] Allah (a.w) mentioned in the al-Quran the coming of Muhammad (s.a.w) as the last Prophet and Apostle, were mentioned both in the Taurat and The Injil, but Bani Israil (roughly equivalent to the present-day Jews) and the Christians, equivalent to the then Isa's people, refuse to accept that. Because, the majority of past prophets or Apostles were from Bani Israil or the Jews. Hence, because of this, the Jews and the Christians refused to accept Muhammad (s.a.w) and adopt Islam as their religion. Hence, they were mentioned by Allah (a.w) as those who went astray and those who were cursed by Allah (a.w), so that in the hereafter, they will never be admitted into Heaven, and instead would be driven into Hell. Hence, both the Jews and the Christians are not entitled to refer to their god as 'Allah'. The reasons? First, they submit to more than one god. Second, their religious leaders no longer preached their people the Taurat or the Injil. Thirdly, even if, their religious leaders, preached the Taurat or the Injil, they disobeyed Allah (a.w) command to discard the teachings of the Taurat and the Injil, and migrate into the teachings of the  al-Quran and Islam by accepting Muhammad (s.a.w) as the Allah's last and final messenger and accept the guidance of the  al-Quran and Muhammad's Sunnah.
Clearly, the Jews and the Christians never accept the oneness of Allah (a.w), whereas Allah (a.w) always reminded mankind, not just the Muslims, that Allah (a.w) is one. He has no son. He is neither born or giving birth to a son. He exists before the world and all creations exist. Allah (a.w) continues to exist even when the world ends and all creations ceased to exist, when the world comes to a final end, the kiamat or judgement day.
Bros, during the lifetime of Isa (a.s), when the majority of his followers took him to be son of god, because of his special powers, which were bestowed by Allah (a.w) such as making the dead live again, etc. Allah (a.w) asked Isa (a.s): 'O Isa son of Mary! Did you say to mankind to take you and your mother as gods besides Allah?' (Isa (a.s) replied): 'Praise Your Greatness! Nay, never did I say something which is untrue, if I were to say/declare something, only when I have such knowledge. You (Allah) knows everything about me and I do not have knowledge even of myself; clearly You (Allah) knows all the unseen.' (Verse 116, Surah al-Maidah). 'Whatever I told them (mankind) are whatever You (Allah) commands me (to tell them) (that is): 'Submit to Allah my god and your god ...' (Verse 117, Surah al-Maidah). Clearly, Isa (a.s) never declares himself son of Allah. He never declared that his mother, Mary, was also godly. He told his people during his lifetime to submit and obey only Allah (a.w), his god and their god! Hence, the Bible clearly is not Allah's Book of Injil.  
So, what is the message of this posting? The message is the word 'Allah' is meant to refer to the one and only god, Allah (a.w). Allah is the single god for mankind. But, if mankind refuse to accept the singularity of Allah (a.w), refuse to acknowledge that Muhammad (s.a.w) is Allah's Apostle or Prophet, and that the al-Quran is Allah's Book of Guidance for mankind, then they are not entitled to refer to their god or gods as 'Allah'. The Christians believe in the Trinity of God -The Holy Ghost or the Holy Spirit, Mary and Jesus, son of Mary. The Jews believe that god has a son, Uzair. Since the major religions of the world today, do not teach their followers the oneness of god, they are not entitled to disparage Allah's glorious name and stature by adopting the word 'Allah' to refer to their god or gods. That is the principle for every Malaysians - and mankind everywhere - to take note and understand. If they want to refer to their god as 'Allah', then they have to become a Muslim - belief in Allah (a.w), accept Muhammad (s.a.w) as Allah's Apostle and accept the al-Quran as Allah's book of Guidance for mankind.
The same refers to other religions, especially when these people believe in the variety of gods such is the belief of the Hindus and the Chinese and the pagans, since the pray to all kinds of godly representations such as idols.

Jazakallahu khairah

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