Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Word 'Allah' (Cont.)

Bros, we have seen in the previous post that the word 'Allah' has a special and specific meaning in Islam and to Muslims. Those who were Christians - not all Christians, but those Christians who read the Malay version of the Bible (The al-Kitab, apparently named so), wanted to use the word 'Allah' to refer to their god. We have seen in the previous post why non-Muslims or for that matter any other religions cannot import the word 'Allah' to designate their god or gods.
Bros, lets us look deeper into the fundamentals in the hope that those who are non-Muslim understand why. Doubtless there are many Malays - or Muslims - who understood that mankind comes from the same ancestor, Adam (a.w) and Hawa (a.s) (Adam's wife refered to by the Christians as 'Eve'). They believe that Allah (a.w) is the universal god and not god restricted to those who profess to adopt Islam as their religion. Allah (a.w) is the god to mankind. Hence, according to thse groups of people, the non-Muslims have every right as the Muslims to use 'Allah' to designate their god or gods. The logic is true. Perhaps when Nik Aziz, Mat Sabu and others said that the Christians could use the word or term 'Allah' to refer to their god or gods, in the hope that they would embrace Islam! It is too good to be true.
Those of us who studied Islam from the al-Quran and as-Sunnah, who understand Islam will know that the majority of mankind in the past and now and in the future were, are and will never be Muslims. Hence, the dwellers of hell are much larger than the dwellers of paradise! Even among those who considered themselves Muslims, the majority are dwellers of hell! Since the beginning of time - the creation of Adam (a.s) till the end of the world (kiamat), for every 1,000 Muslims, only one will be in Paradise!  And, Rasulallah (s.a.w), in the al-Hadith said that, half of those are his ummah (i.e. those who were born after his ascension as the last Apostle or Prophet. Among his own ummah, one out of 73 will succeed to be in Paradise, but 72 of 73 will fail, and will be thrown by malaikat into Hell! No wonder that many Muslims today never realized this because of their ignorance of al-Quran and as-Sunnah.
Bros, we have explained that while it is definitely true that 'Allah (a.w) is the god - and the only one god - for mankind, but the name 'Allah' cannot be used by disbelievers, i.e. non Muslim. The reason is simple. Allah (a.w) is one, the only one. The Christians believe in the Trinity of God, which Allah (a.w) categorically disapproved in the al-Quran. The Christians, who believed as such, are termed 'kafir' or infidels or disbelievers by Allah (a.w). Allah (a.w) is very angry with those people who associate Him with others as god or having godly or god-like powers! Hence, the Christians do not deserve to be permitted to import 'Allah' as the name of their god. Further, Isa (a.s) (who the Christians call 'Jesus'), was an Apostle or a Messenger of Allah (a.w). Just like any other apostles or messengers before Isa (a.s), his position vis-a-vis Allah (a.w) is no different to those apostles or messengers before him. Hence, Jesus is not god nor god-son. Allah (a.w) says in the al-Quran that the creation of Isa (a.s) is no different than the creation of Adam (a.s) (and, for that matter Hawa (a.s)). Allah (a.w) is the all powerful. He gets what He wishes. He creates anything that He wants created just by saying 'Be, and there will be' (kun, fa-yakun). Adam (a.s) is created from clay - a mix of clay by malaikat Izrail, who was commanded by Allah (a.w) to collect various types and shades of clay of various colour and odour, which Allah (a.w) blends with His own hand to create the first human, Adam (a.s). Hawa (a.s) was created by Allah (a.w) from Adam's top-most collar bone or rib. But, the people around Isa (a.s) then refused to accept the fact that Allah (a.w) wills anything that He wants to exist. Hence, Isa (a.s) was created from Allah's will that Isa's mother, Maryam (who the Christians call the 'Virgin Mary', because Maryam was never touched by any man, and yet bore a child). Allah (a.w) has the power to do whatever He wants to do. If He wills Isa (a.s) from a mere whisper of Jibril (a.s) (Gabriel), Isa (a.s) exists at the will of Allah (a.w). That's it!
The Jews refused to accept the reality in the creation of Isa (a.s) - without a father!  The Christians, on the other hand, glorify Isa (a.s) by believing that he is the son of god! Both the Jews and the Christians failed to understand and accept the supremacy of Allah (a.w) in all things. Hence, if they belittle Allah (a.w), they have no right to adopt 'Allah' as the name of their god or gods. Simple.
Bros, Allah (a.w) declared that Allah (a.w) accepts only Islam as the religion of mankind. Mankind had to accept Muhammad (s.a.w) as His chosen final Apostle or Messenger. Allah (a.w) sends down the al-Quran to guide mankind in their worldly grand responsibility to obey Allah (a.w) and only Allah (a.w). The al-Quran is Allah's Book of Guidance for all mankind and for all time until the Last Day (kiamat). Allah (a.w) says: 'Jin and man are not created (by Me) except to obey (or be servants or to serve) Me (Allah).' (Verse 59: Surah az-Zariat). That's the principal duty of man to obey Allah (a.w). Once they execute that responsibility he or she is free to live his or her life in this world accordingly, until his or her death. And, again Allah (a.w) reminds mankind: 'Whoever follows or adopt a religion other than Islam as their religion, Allah (a.w) will not accept whatever good deeds that they do in their lifetime, and in the Hereafter, they will be sure losers (i.e. the dwellers of Hell).' (Verse 85, Surah ali-Imran). Hence, clearly, Allah (a.w) refuses to accept anyone as His servant, unless he or she is a Muslim. Therefore, how could the name 'Allah' be justified to be used by sinners or those Allah (a.w) rejects and forbids from dwelling His Paradise?

Jazakallahu khairah

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