Sunday, February 26, 2012

Vincent! If only ...

In many papers yesterday (Sabtu, 25 February 2012), especially the Sun, the charitable papers of Vincent Tan, Vincent Tan - a well-known philantrophist - was reported to have said that he would retire from business, i.e. as Chairmen of BJ Corp and its many outfits and subs. That he would donate some RM 600.0m to charity. 
Lets look at today's write-up of Vincent Tan in the Star Onlie. Let's ponder, has he really achieved anything from the viewpoint of his salvation after his death? He is proud of, many achievements, not least of all, the following: 
[KUALA LUMPUR: Billionaire Tan Sri Vincent Tan plans to list the chain of 7-Eleven convenience stores, under a company called 7-Eleven Malaysia Bhd, and also MOL Global Bhd which has shares in Internet giant Facebook, within the next two years."I think 7-Eleven and MOL will be worth more than RM1bil (combined) when they are listed," he told reporters during the second Berjaya Founder's Day celebration held at Berjaya Times Square today.The founder and controlling shareholder of the Berjaya Corp Bhd (BCorp) group of companies had stepped down as chairman of BCorp on Thursday, and said he wanted to devote more time and energy to promote more charitable initiatives and social programmes.Tan said he would like to donate at least 10% (of 7-Eleven and MOL), after the companies are listed, to his Better Malaysia Foundation (BMF)."So, the foundation will be better funded to carry out charitable efforts," he said.BMF was founded a few years ago by the tycoon, and was formerly known as the Vincent Tan Chee Yioun Foundation.Tan also pledged to donate RM600mil in the form of securities and shares to BMF this year.At the celebration, BMF contributed RM11.6mil to 61 charity organisations. The organisations that benefitted the most included Science of Life Studies 24/7 (RM1mil), Utar Education Fund (RM1mil), Mercy Malaysia (RM500,000) and the Tan Sri Vincent Tan Merit Scholarship Fund(RM500,000). [End of story] 
This writer/blogger for one found it a news element worth reporting in this blog. Not for any thing, but as a reminder to him and many others like him. What? For as long as death is not seeking him, as Allah (a.w) has pre-determined his length of stay in this world, he still has an option. What? Is he willing to prepare himself for a permanent joy in the life after death and in the life at Hereafter? He has an easy opportunity to reserve for himself the best abode in Heaven, if and only if, he is willing to do it. It would be easy for him. The value of his wealth in the Hereafter is nothing compared to what he can reserve for himself. In fact what he ahas achieved is nothing compared to a day of easy living in the Hereafter, if he chooses to do what he should consider doing before death comes! 
This blogger invites him to Heaven, if only he thinks about his life after death. It is not a matter of belief. It is a matter of understanding life and making the choice. For man the choice is ether to become the Hell dweller or the dweller of Heaven. It's easy. IThat is the only choice - Do we want Hell or Heaven? It is our choice. There  is no middle or third choice. The choice is made easier for him, now that he is 60 years. He can erase all his past sins, if he makes the choice. He can ensure his lofe of comfort after death,. If he make the choice, death is only to facilitate his early enjoyment of the life in the grave, then at the Great Congregation (Padang Makhsyar) and then being rewarded with Heaven. This choice easier for him. Because, he has the means ...
What he needs to accept is that, no one is safe after death unless he accept Allah (a.w) as his God. He accept Muhammad (sa.w) as the Apostle of God. And, that he accept Allah's command that He (Allah) created jinn and man for the sole purpose of being His servant or to serve Him as God. If he refuses to acknowledge and accept that, his wealth and the greatness of his achievements and the greatness of his successor, his son, and the glorious worldly achievements of his Charitable outfit (Better Malaysia Foundation) are all meaningless, if only he knows and try to understand life. This blogger can help, if he wants help. This blogger can help all those who are like him - those who are proclaimed by man  or society as the richest men in the world or in Malaysia today. Granted Vincent Tan has done many things but in the eys of Allah (a.w), it is meaningless unless those who did all those adopt Allah's command, i.e. be  Muslims. If you are not a Muslim, do not think that you are to be rewarded after your death. Death is the beginning of all your misery, which your wealth and your children and your charity cannot help ease your pain ...That's is the ultimate reality, if those of the like of Vincent Tan want salvation in the Hereafter, come and be guided. 

Jazakallahu khairah

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