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Dr M what is reported by the Sun

Saudara dalam post sebelum ini kita komen apa Dr Mahathir kata sebagaimana yg dilapurkan oleh akhbar The Sun hari ini (24 Sep. 2012) atas tajuk 'Return to basics of al-Quran: Dr M'.
Saudara, oleh kerana Dr M adalah tokok negarawan suatu masa dulu (malah sekarangpun - ramai kira begitu) - menjadi PM selama 22 tahun - maka pandangannya amat berpengaruh bukan setakat di Malaysia dan Nusantara tapi seluruh negara Islam, terutama negara-negara OIC. Maka ada baiknya penulis turunkan apa yg dilapurkan oleh the Sun supaya pembaca boleh baca apa yg dilapurkan oleh akhbar dan apa yg kita komen dalam post sebelum ini.
"Muslim leaders tend to adopt the most 'severe' punishment for a crime, including through punishing for impelemntation of hudud, in a bid to appear more Islamic than others.
Making this remark, former PM Tun Dr M said he belives such a situation arises from various contradicting interpretations of Islamic teachings.'I find that we now give less credence to what is found in the al-Quran, but more to what is taught to us,the Sunnah and Hadith, which are optional,' he said.
He noted that it had led to problems not only among Muslim communities butalso in their dealings with others i.e. non-Muslims).
Mahathir said this in his address at the launch of International Planned Parenthood Federation's 'High-Level Expert Consultation on Islam and Women's Health' here yesterday (22 Sep 2012).
He said many Muslims are now 'confused' as it is no longer possible to isolate themselves from other ideas, ideologies and values, predominantly from the Western world, some of which appear to be more liberal in their interpretations of Islam.
He cited the prescribed punishment under hudud law for Muslim couples found guilty of adultery - stoning to death - as example of an 'extreme' interpretation of Islam.
'In the al-Quran, in the case of zina,both men and women are punished to 100 strokes of the cane ...  there is no mention about stoning to death.
'Surely some of us are so incenssed by this severe punishment that we consider Islam to be unjust,' said Mahathir, adding that Islam in its essence advocates justice rather than mere punishment.' [The Sun]

1. We are not privy to what Dr M actually said in the full text of his address. But, from what is reported in the Sun as quoted above, apparently he is critical of views of the more orthodox interpretation, and understanding, of Islam. Be that as it may, one should note that Dr M is no scholar of Islam, although he might be a person who never fail to read many things, including writings on Islam by Muslim and non-Muslim scholars.A person understands Islam by learning from those who are learned in Islam because of the learning from the learned on the knowledge of the al-Quran and as-Sunnah. Muslims worldly behavior and actions as well as reactions are prescribed by both the al-Quran and the as-Sunnah. These are the two knowledge which is mandatory for a Muslim to learn, understand and practice in his life.The as-Sunnah is the sister compendium of knowledge to enable a Muslim to understand the al-Quran, becayse the Hadith or as-Sunnah expalins and clarifies the al-Quran. Hence, a Muslim will not be able to perform the manadatory 5 daily prayers unless he learns the as-Sunnah. The Prophet instructed the Muslims to 'sollu kama ra-aitumuni usolli' meaning: 'Pray as you observe me prays' for example. Rasulallah (s.a.w)  explained and demonstrated all practices for obeying Allah's command. Hence, in Islam a Muslim must obey both the al-Quran dan the as-Sunnah - Verse 13, Surah an-Nisa' and other verses where Allah (a.w) always command to obey Him and obey Rasulallah (s.a.w).
2. In many instances of the al-Quran, Allah (a.w) commands that Muslims must obey Rasulallah (s.a.w), everytime He commands Muslims to obey Him. This is the basis of accepting and following the commands of the as-Sunnah or the basis of ruling that Muslims must accept the as-Sunnah and the al-Quran. This is clearly stated in Verse 7, Surah al-Haysr: Whatever the Prophet brought onto you accept, whatever he enjoins you againts, or forbids you, distance yourself. Hence, the as-Sunnah is not even secondary laws in Islam, and definitely not 'optional'! As-Sunnah is a mandatory guidance.
3. Given that, although the al-Quran does not prescribe stoning for adultery, the Prophet explains that the ruling in the al-Quran about the 100 caning for adulterers, that refers to men and women who are not married. If they are married, stoning is the punishment. Those who commit lies as witnesses to adulltery are to be caned 80 lashes, indicating the severity of the offence of falsifying acts of adultery).
4. A true Muslim understood that the greatest sin is to worship God or gods other than Allah (a.w). Hence, the non-beleivers i.e. non-Muslims will not admitted into the Heaven (syurga), no matter how much he has sacrifice for good in theis world or during their llifetime. All good deeds are accepted by Allah (a.w) if the doer or charitable person is a Muslim! Hence, one may be a great philanthropist in one's life, but such a person can never be admitted into Heaven if he or she dies non-Muslim!
5. The greatest sin after non-believing is zina adultery). Hence Allah (a.w) command that one should not approach or near oneself to zina (i.e. situation that may likely lead to zina). This injuction implies that zina is a serious action againts Allah's command. Hence, the severe punishment.
6. Understandably, Muslims are constantly being hammered by ideas from Muslims as well as non-Muslims about worldly good - including good behavior. Islam teaches excellent behavior for Muslims, if the Muslims really understand Islam. They understand Islam if they take the trouble to learn and understand the commands of al-Quran and as-Sunnah. Since practically the majority of Muslims are jahil = ignorant of the al-Quran and as-Sunnah, their worldly behavior and ethics are worst than those of non-Muslims. Islamic code of conduct as regard worldly matters is par excellence if only the Muslims care to learn and understand Islam by learning and undersrtang the al-Quran and as-Sunnah. In addition, one must understand that Allah (a.w) cares less for the world, to the extent that if the world as we know it is values ar par with the wings of a mosquito, the non-Muslims will not even allowwed by Allah (a.w) to sip water to drink! But, Allah (a.w) gives nourishment - rezki - to all mankind, immaterial whether they are Muslims or not. Hence, the best Muslims are those who strive for worldly success as well as success in the hereafter!
In our post - before this one - we cautined Dr M not to exceed his limits vis-a-vis the command of Allah (a.w). It is too great a price to pay when few words we utter lead to be expelled from Islam without we ever realising it. A Muslim must at all times abide by the commands of both Allah (a.w) and the Prophet. If one disobeys Allah and the Prophet command or injunction, we subject ourself to deviate from the 'siratul mustaqim', the sure way to Heaven. But, Allah (a.w) is prepared to forgive our sins if we sincerely repent.
Hopefully, Dr M would learn and understand Islam - the al-Quran and as-Sunnah - before he opens his mouth to say anything about Islam ...

Jazakallahu khairah

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